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#MSocialTurnsOne @ M Social Hotel

M Social Turns One Birthday Bash @ MSocial Hotel Singapore

Ooffle is proud to be engaged to organize and manage the creative experience at M Social Hotel's 1st Birthday which was held at the Hotel itself for an exclusive evening celebration customer event. 

In order to match the overall event's theme and to create a classy birthday celebration for the invited guests, Ooffle has came up with a concept based on the Hotel's name and restaurant's brand- Beasts and Butterflies. 

Part of 'Social' theme, we made parts of the concept sociable - Puns on balloons, Necklace Flash Drive with Logo and GIF booth that was inspired by a social media app, Instagram Boomerang. 

Part of 'Beasts & Butterflies' theme, we came up with the idea for making it mythical inspired. Drinks are served in a glass skull and wine in a potion inspired glass tube. We have 'Alice in the Wonderland' inspired outfit for the Roving Candy Table Girl and Kumar the comedian to complete the theme.

Our client has expressed they were happy and impressed by the experience that we delivered to over a 100 invited guests.



Production Services Provided:

- Ambient and Intelligent Lightings

- Edible Food Wall with Unlimited Rock Candy

- 'Express Yourself' Wall

- Unlimited Prints Gif Booth with Animated Card Printouts

- Big Balloons with Brand Logo

- Small Balloons with Brand Logo

- Entrance Red Carpet

- Door Gift: Silicon Brand Logo Wrist Band

- Door Gift: Necklace Flash Drive with Brand Logo


Talent Services Provided:

- Roving Floating Candy Table Girl

- Roving Videographer with Video Edits

- Roving Photographer

- Kumar the Comedian


Posted on 26/7/2017

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