Ooffle is a leading creative agency in Singapore specializing in events and campaign management. They provide assistance in your corporate or private events tailored to your needs. Ooffle blend both digital and event management campaigns to reach your brand's objective. Even if you need live entertainment or a wedding party, Ooffle are willing to lend a hand and make your event a jolly good time for you and your guests.

Live Bands & Music Groups

From gospel choirs and high end party bands to jazz ensembles and percussionists, browse our selection of world class musicians and performers to suit your event, whatever the occasion. Bands and musical groups are available with a variety of options and line-ups - from duos to full-scale 17 piece orchestras –playing a range of musical styles that include pop, party, soul, funk, Motown and chill-out. With a huge selection of bands and musical groups, we can cater for a range of budgets, venues and event types!
Pop / Basic Jazz / Party Mixed Live Band

Includes + Musicians doubling as lead/backup vocalists while playing instruments and/or switch between 2-3 instruments+ Each musician interchange roles for different songs to achieve maximum variet... Read More→

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High Standards Mixed Jazz Band

Acappella & Choir Carolling Group

A group of wacky people who make good music solely with their mouths. Minimum    Read More→

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Thematic Female Vocal Choir

All Female Vocal Choir performing in themed costumes Read More→

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International Acappella Winners

The band most recently made history on the Singapore Hit Awards, being the first ever all-vocal group nominated. Aside from 4 nominations, they also received the prestigious . The band was the firs... Read More→

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Singing Waiters & Waitresses

Fancy some surprise? Find our waiters and waitresses singing suddenly at your event!   Read More→

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Versatile Acappella / Carolling Group

No instruments band, only pure harmonic voices! Sweep your guests off their feet with the astonishing performance of acapella groups that come up with a song and sounds of instruments with only rea... Read More→

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Musical Flashmob

Exclusive performance by our company Add a surprise to your event? Have our band or acapella members hidden amongst your crowd. When the music starts playing, they whip out their instruments or mic... Read More→

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Varsity Champion Acappella / Carollers

Carollers was formed by a group of talented, individualistic, music-loving residents at the National University of Singapore, way back in 1995. We are a group of singers who perform without instrum... Read More→

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Acappella Choir Group

These are done acapella, as part of traditional carolling by our adult team or student team. Carollers for stage performance (adults)Cost excludes: Equipment & Costumes 2/3/4/5/6 SingersCarol... Read More→

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Perfect Vox Acappella / Carollers Group

Formed in 2001, made up of a bunch of people bound by a common love for singing, with members from diverse musical backgrounds. They sing just about anything — from contemporary pop to alternative ... Read More→

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Student Choir Carollers

To share in a united love for choral music. We have continuously performed for both local and international audiences, holding 17 annual concerts since then as well as touring abroad and participat... Read More→

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Large Student Choir Carollers

Choir who shares a common passion for singing and choral music. The choir aims to promote choral music excellence within the campus and to external audiences by performing throughout the year   Read More→

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Passionate Choir & Carollers

Embraces seasonal festivals and Christmas is one of our favourites! We have been caroling for over 12 years and we have teams of all ages and group sizes. Our programmes include : (1) A Cappella ... Read More→

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Brass Band / Marching Band / Toy Soldiers

Brass ensemble which incorporates elements of soulm funk, hip hop, rock, pop, jazz, classical music within a contemporary brass band framework. Most commonly comes in a group of 8 Performers. Inclu... Read More→

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Roving Bagpipe Performance

A very spectacular and engaging performance from roving bagpipers; able to cater to multiple types of events! It's bound to engage the audience and keep them entertained. Every performer in the rov... Read More→

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Kpop Sexy Dancer Choir Girls

Sexy and groovy korean kpop performers at your event.Watch how they perform to the popular kpop tunes! The Korean wave first started off from all the sappy and romantic Korean dramas in the early 2... Read More→

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Swiss Brass/ Wind Bands

They have performed in several events such as Asia Beer-Festival; Oktoberfest-Clark-Quay; Cricket-Club; Discovery Kartika-Resort - Bali; Jurong Country-Club; Keppel-Club; Longines-Watches - Malays... Read More→

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Christmas Ringers

Portfolio: The group is Singapore's first and only registered community ensemble.  Their pioneer members include qualified Ringers, Percussionists & Keyboardists from the Studio Percussion Unit... Read More→

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Box Band Reveal

As technology rapids surpass our expectations, the standards of everything from services to performances has been raised even higher.Box Band Reveal is unlike any other bands you have seen before v... Read More→

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Human Jukebox

Illustrative video: Want your guests or passersby to interact with musicians as if we are a human jukebox? Check out some of our videos! Choose from jazz guitar, double bass, saxophone, keyboard... Read More→

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Duo Jazz Band

They are most loved for their quirky instrumentation and intimate vocal duets that feature their natural musical chemistry in creative arrangements. With a multilingual repertoire of jazz standards... Read More→

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International Celebrity Band

This experienced, well-travelled band, fronted by a beautiful singer with a powerful set of pipes, and including very accomplished instrumentalists, bring to you creative renditions of current hi... Read More→

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2-Person Caucasian Boy Band

This band is an acoustic 2-piece live band bringing on the classic and the current hits. Helmed by two caucasians, this band is sure to engage their audience in terms of both sight and sound!       Read More→

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Full High Energy Pop Live Band

One of Singapore's cover bands featuring a dynamic young crew of talented and versatile music performers from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are well-tenured in the local 'live' music scene. Read More→

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High Energy Rock Top 40s Party Boy Band

Mixed Top 40s Party Band

Funk Top 40s Band

Mixed Party Band Fun Band

Soul Pop Top 40 Party Band Fun

Ecofriend Awards Ceremony @ Park Royale Hotel

  The EcoFriend Awards recognise the efforts and achievements of environmentally-proactive people in Singapore who have made contributions to the environment. These individuals come from all walks ... Read More→

Business Times CEO Choice @ UBS

Business Times CEO Choice awards definitely needs some live entertainment! The mood and atmosphere there was already splendid! With the performance of our bands we definitely loosened up some nerve... Read More→

Party & Top 40s Band

This is a bilingual band and with new musicians making surprise appearances onstage, nothing is ever constant and performances are never the same! Be entertained by their antics weekly- amusement g... Read More→

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Pop and Party Boy Band

Billingual Multi-Talented Band

This is a bilingual band made up of members who have won accolades in international singing competitions. From Top 40s popular hits from both the Mandarin and English pop-rock genre, this band can ... Read More→

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2018 SK Telecom YUBASE Dinner Asia

Third time is a charm!  For the third in a row, SK lubricant, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, Korea's largest Telco company engaged Ooffle once again to organise and manage its annual Yubase Dinner fo... Read More→

Shanghai Jazz Band

3-Person Pop Rock Boy Band

This band is a rocking 3-piece live band bringing on the classic and the current hits in Pop and Rock to your event. Fronted by a dynamic lead singer, the band is sure to engage their audience with... Read More→

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3 piece acoustic band @ Hoi Hup CNY Dinner 2018

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Hoi Hup held their annual Chinese New Year dinner for their staffs and business partners at the Island Ballroom @ Shangri La. Ooffle had the pleasure of providing a talented 3 piece... Read More→

Jason & Hani Wedding @ Clifford Pier

It is always a pleasure to be part of a magical wedding. Jason and Hani held their beautiful wedding at The Clifford Pier. Ooffle had the honour to provide them with a two piece acoustic duo for th... Read More→

Private Japanese Tourism Event @ MBS

Jazz vocals, keyboard and percussion at Marina Bay Sands. Our musicians look sharp and play well. They entertained the audience with a selection of classics and ballads. The international guests w... Read More→