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Bouncy Balloon Man

Option: 30 Minute / Performance / 1

Hypnotized by the inflatable creativity and laughing in pleasure groups of onlookers wonder about this family-accommodating show choreographed by your own one of a kind Ouji from Ooffle.

Beautiful 6-foot inflatables bob about as enthralling music plays and gathering of people members having a ton of fun. With each bit of the wrist, twirl of an inflatable and amusing play on words expressed, charms the gathering of people like a whiz performing in front of an audience. Attracted and entranced by the astonishing inflatable models, guardians and tyke are unwinding and getting a charge out of the family minute. Quietness sets in; realizing that behind each curve and joke is a veteran performer safeguarding that the sudden pop won't collapse the good times.

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