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Percussionist Adan

Stable and rhythmic percussionist well-versed in many styles, also plays strings


With Latin percussion as his forte, Aeden provides a stable rhythmic framework as a percussionist and drummer for various public settings and performances, such as pubs at places like Ann Siang Hill. Well-versed in a multitude of musical styles and genres, Aeden is comfortable in layering his grooves from Latin Jazz to Afro-Cuban, from Rock to Metal, Flamenco to Brazilian. His familiarity with the Indian Tabla and other Chinese Percussion also contributes to the intricate rhythmic styles of his Peruvian Cajon. In addition to his percussion and drumming repertoire, Aeden is familiar with many other Chinese instruments and has even achieved Grade 8 in one of the stringed instrument. He also plays the acoustic guitar and is picking up the Saxophone and Violin in his free time.

Genre: Bolero, Guajira, Rock, Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Jazz


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