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Percussionist / Drummer Alf

Drummer, Educator, Mentor.

He is a veteran and a leader of the local independent music scene.

Spurred on by his passion, he has lent his voice and skills to the various musical communities in Singapore, regardless of language or musical genre, from the indie to the commercial, from the contemporary to the underground.

His performance credits include performing with Livonia, Opposition Party, La'Dies, rock instrumentalist Shern Wong and taking part in session work for the many varied groups of the local music scene.

He is a founding member and the current chairman of a non-profit drumming social group that brings drummers together in the spirit of sharing drum knowledge and community-building.

He has over 20 years of drumming experience. He plays and teaches all styles including Rock, Metal, Jazz, Latin, Funk, R&B, Pop and Alternative.

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