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Professional Emcee AR

Being in the limelight for more than a decade across local and international showbiz, he had established himself as more than a Master of Ceremony. His showmanship had cultivated him as a leader in the events he had hosted regardless from local to multi-national targeted audience.

Besides gifted with a dynamic voice and effective in multi languages, he bears an exceptional skill in hosting utilizing interactive medium as his individual style that commands a remarkable presence on stage.

Versatile in many ways, being witty and fun loving in nature; he is adaptive to any target audience and reacts instantaneously to any situation.

Nevertheless, Dancing and Impersonation is improvised into his showmanship to further cultivate variety of tactics in hosting which aims to achieve goals and desires.

Further being Charismatic, vivacious and talented, his boundless energy and enthusiasm often compliment the success of every event.

Be there to witness his professional style of hosting from Product Launches, Social events to Corporate events and etc.


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