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Audio System for above 150 guests (FREE keyboard)

$449.00 $349.00

Large audio sound system for more than 150 guests. Speakers can be exchanged for subwoofers.
  • 2 x large speakers at least 800-1000 powerful watts
  • 1 x 8 or 16 or 24 channel audio mixer
  • Sound monitors
  • Wired Mics for band
  • Music stands
  • 2 x FREE Wireless mics (U.P. $200)
  • Includes FREE weighted keyboard for better quality sound! (U.P. $200)
Dedicated sound engineer cum DJ (optional):
  • Ensures all audio mixing is perfect and nothing goes wrong during the event
  • Play your desired tunes throughout your event for the right mood and ensures no silence during intermissions (a dedicated DJ should be engaged for chasers, fanfare, higher standards of music mixing)
Recommended package:
Below 300pax: 2-4 Speakers
300 to 500pax: 4-6 Speakers
500 to 1000pax: 6-8 Speakers
Above 1000pax: Pls contact us for consultation, we have packages for line array speakers
Topup 2 or more speakers only for larger ballrooms e.g. Intercontinental Hotel, Mariott Hotel
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