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Bubble Man Circus Magician JD

JD brings the element of danger and surprise into his exciting and humorous acts!

He performs fast transform costs acts, interesting visual enchantment will deceive your eyes, mentalism, stunts and that's only the tip of the iceberg!

With his charm and wit, matched up with his array of illusion acts, your guests are bound to be entertained throughout with his well choreographed sequences and interactive stunts.

His acts showcase jug roulette stunts using risky sharp broken bottle, whips and illusions! He even does comedy with many visual spectacles that are a treat to behold.

With him, there is not a minute of boredom as your guests will be baffled by his tricks that are also hilarious and dramatic!

JD has plenty of experience and has been performing since an early age and has performed for celebrities and many corporate events!

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