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Digital iPad Magician

One of the most if not the most innovative talents to come up with cutting edge ideas in bringing a total 3D experience to your product launch showcase.

Using 2 sensational iPad Launch Mechanisms harnessing the use of digital illusion brings a truer feel and 3-dimensional presentation to the products showcased/launched. 

Here are three great examples of iPad illusion in action:

1. iPad Roving Magic:

This is his most popular interactive entertainment: the iPad Roving Magic. This performance is the best choice for corporate events that require distinctively unique entertainment. Combining iPad and Magic, he performs miracles that have never been seen before.

He will also customize an app for your client using their logo and add it to the magic. Best part is, this is absolutely complementary. 

2. How To Get The V.I.P Involved In The Product Showcase:

This is one of the most common request in a product launch. And this request is well deserving because the VIP should be the one to officiate the birth of his/her product or campaign.

However, the problem we often face is that the VIP is unable to spend hours to rehearse and the mechanism has to be simple and direct to prevent him/her looking bad. 

To overcome this, he programmed 4 iPads to respond to a 5th iPad where the VIP would show an enlarged image of the product before its reveal. This is direct, simple, and quite magical.

3. How To Showcase/Launch An Intangible Product

"Ah... making a real object appear is easy, but can you launch a service?"

This was the challenge he faced when he was approached by Sky Premium. Sky Premium is an up-class concierge service where they place your travel itinerary for you. 

So to address the question in this title, "How to Showcase and Launch an Intangible Product?" The answer is, you showcase what the consumers experience. 

After meeting the directors of the company, he learnt that they focus on 4 Pillars to create the experience of "The Good Life", namely, Travel, Wine and Dine, Shopping and Wellness.

The focus shifts thus from showcasing what they can do, to what the clients can experience.

Need some revolutionary ideas to execute your next product showcase? This is your man! Special show packages for the year end season offered.





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