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Skyline Aerial LED Drummers

A truly spectacular show with no less than 4 flying percussionists. They fly high up in the air while creating rhythmic patterns from their large drums. Placed under an artistic construction these flying drummers will impress your public. Because every drummer is flying up and down independently, the movement of the drummers creates its own choreography in mid-air. The show is supported by custom made music using classical as well as bombastic patterns. The performing art of the drummers, with their subtle taps varied with powerful hits, will explode and remain a 5-minutes dazzling show.

Show duration: 5 minutes
Stage: Indoor or Outdoor
Stage size: not relevant
Indoor: minimum of 8 meter free height.
Outdoor: under crane 10-20 meter free height
Includes one pre-event rehearsal / recce

What we need from you:
1 x CD Player with Audio System
1 x Changing Room for Performers
No mics required

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