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Photographer HM

The following are some of the qualities you can expect:

1. Technical capabilities

Photo clarity assured – Sharp, well lit images with minimal digital noise (those dust like, grainy particles in images especially in dark conditions). Additionally, when images are viewed at full res, quality and clarity should not be compromised.

2. Photo composition

Image crafting is a work of art, and the eye for photography can make or break the end result. Photographers’ experience can been seen from how they place people in the picture, and also where they position themselves for the shot.

3. Mood

Do you know that your mood can be affected by the person behind the lens as well? Experienced photographers can induce a more comfortable and natural ambience and thus, making you look your best in photos!


- Dedicated online sharing page (with password) for all guest to download their high resolutions photos themselves for at least a year.
- Delivery of photos in 3 weeks: All proper filtering and colour correction, adjustments of photos (publication ready)


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