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Human Billboards

This is a highly professional group that interacts with your target audience to deliver advantages that no other advertising medium can match.

If you’ve been searching for a clever and highly unique concept to give your next campaign the edge, then look no further. They have the perfect solution.

They offer an affordable and direct media solution that allows innovative advertising with unlimited power to gain immediate attention.

This new type of advertising is fun, interactive and targeted directly at your audience. Their Human Billboards are capable of going just about anywhere, anytime, day or night. The possibilities are endless as are the opportunities for some truly ‘out-of-the-box’ advertising campaigns.

What are Billboarders?

Billboarders are a great new product to take your outdoor advertising to the next level.

The billboards which are built using an aluminum frame, keeping it lightweight. They feature on-board batteries which power the LED lights for up to eight hours.

The interior LED lights shine through the media which is printed on back-lit film providing the lighted effect.

Rechargeable on-board batteries provide the power for the LED lights. To charge simply plug the adapter into your wall outlet and connect to the billboards input. Our Human Billboard looks great day or night.

The media posters can be produced by local printer and be changed easily by simply opening the snap frame and placing the media on the inner glass.

On-Street Marketing

When you equip your street team with billboards & you can take your outdoor promotional campaign to the next level. Imagine adding a billboard backpack to your street marketing campaign and taking your message directly out on the street to your audience.

Highly Visible Front Media

One of the great features about the billboarders is the size as it stands almost 7' tall when worn. Your audience will see the street team member from a distance. The media area is on the front is approximately 24" x 24".
Billboards go anywhere a person can go. The lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Eye-Catching Rear Media Display

The walking billboard looks spectacular from behind. With almost 60" x 24" advertising space and sleek design, it captures your audience perfectly. Outdoor marketing has been around for many years, but billboards are so new your street team can promote the brand in a new modern way.

This is the future of promoting brands through street media. Teams get the message out fast directly to the consumer in an eye-catching way.

Advantages of Billboarders

Billboarders offers unique forms of mobile advertising space. 
Primarily for businesses, events and promotion.

What is it?

A neat double-sided advertising space, provided with an amazingly attractive human. Up to 8hours of back LED lighting.

Location Restrictions:
Very Very few. As it is a mobile advertisement, it can go wherever you go!

--Eye Catching
--Provides effective brand awareness and promotion
--highly cost effective and versatile
--Can be used in the absence of light
--can go where other media can’t

Their billboards deliver nothing but high-impact mobile advertising campaigns that reach out to audiences in an eye-catching, creative and environmentally friendly fashion. Our mobile billboards allow advertisers to reach high volume, targeted audiences in a manner which other traditional forms of media can only dream of!

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