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Crowd Mingling Human Statues

One of our most well known acts, the human statue is an artist that is painted to look like a statue. Living statues will attempt to surprise a passer-by by suddenly moving or striking a new pose. Fooled or not, human statues are a great source of entertainment that guests will enjoy. From utter stillness they spring to life. We can create any character to suit your event theme.

Fancy a singing or dancing statue? Poke them, smile at them, tickle them to make them sing or dance!
Pricing includes non-customized costumes. Watch how they sing or lock in dance grooves.

Human Statues are great at adding to the atmosphere for a cocktail party, or pre-dinner programme. Whatever the purpose, human statues are highly versatile and can be customised to a large degree for your next event.

 Over the years, we have customised different human statues, which include:

  • Singing Statues
  • Dancing Statues
  • Roman Statues
  • Greek Statues
  • Ocscar Statues
  • Victorian Statues
  • Chef Statues
  • Sir Stamford Raffles Statues


Want something extra special? Drop us an email and we will see how we can cater to your preferences!

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