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Singer cum Emcee JN

From local venues like the Singapore Indoor Stadium and the Marina Bay Floating Platform, to international stages in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and America, he has seen (and sung) it all. No stranger to the media spotlight, he and acapella group, conquered Shenzhen in a reality TV competition in 2012, beating scores of other groups to clinch runners-up. Returning home proud, the group released their first album and made history by being the only vocal band to win an award at the Singapore Hit Awards 2013.

Passionate and professional, he can be found performing regularly at nightspots, events and weddings. His natural charisma shines not just through his soaring vocals but also the ease at which he carries himself on stage, a result of four years of theatre training from the National University of Singapore, and many more years of performing experience.

Genre: Energetic pop/rock numbers, pop jazz and evergreens in English and Mandarin.

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