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Percussionist Justin

Talented percussionist specializing in all spectrums of drumming

He is a talented percussionist and an experienced performer who began learning the drums and trumpet at the tender age of 10. His dedication to his craft has led him to become a highly respected and reputable drummer and percussionist throughout Singapore. With 12 years of experience in performing, his musical dictionary branches out into genres ranging from the modern era of Classical, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Rock; to the ethnical spectrum of traditional Brazilian, Indian, Egyptian and African percussive music.

No stranger to public venues, Justin has performed regularly at Esplanade, Blujaz Cafe, Marina Bay Sands (performed an opening for a special feature of the Lion King Musical cast s vocals-only showcase) and Sentosa. He is currently an active percussionist in the hardest funk band in Singapore, and is also the musical director and percussionist of industrial percussion rock band which emerged winners in 3 di?erent percussion competitions and attaining the title of ?Best composition along with the 2nd prize in a rock band competition.


To date, he is proficient in at least 20 di?erent percussion instruments, besides the drumset; has performed in over 100 events under the corporate wing, weddings, and other private events; and has taught over 300 students in his percussion workshops. With all these experiences at hand, Justin aims to give back to society in the form of sharing and tutorship, and hopes to inspire students to be the next up-and-coming drummer/percussionist. In his free time, Justin also plays the piano and guitar.

Genre: Funk / Metal / Jazz / Pop / World
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