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Violinist KL

He is a violinist/multi-instrumentalist/composer/educator and most of all, he is a global citizen and ambassador of peace who believes firmly in the power of music and love to affect profound and positive changes in the world.

He was born in the thriving, multi-cultural, tropical metropolis of Singapore and grew up in a world where people of various creeds and cultures coexisted in harmony. It was in this almost utopic environment where he was handed the violin as a 6-year old and learned to play under the firm and benevolent tutelage of Kang CS, who he still regards as his most influential mentor

At thirteen, he came into the national spotlight when he won theNational Music Competitionin 1985. Around that time, he was also offered several scholarships to study in the US and UK, but these were all categorically rejected by his parents, listing young age and lack of financial resources as deterrents. Amidst the initial triumphs and setbacks, the young violinist quietly made up his mind that he was going to dedicate his life to music against all odds.

Between 91 and 93, he spent three beautiful summers touring with the Asian Youth Orchestra all over Europe and Asia, playing for thousands of people in some of the world?s most prestigious concert halls and venues. It was during that time that he became deeply inspired and aware of the unifying power of music. This realization further defined the direction of his musical journey: he was going to use music to promote good not evil.

He landed in Vienna International Airport on Dec 27, 1993 to pursue his first ever formal musical education. He was admitted to the Musikhochschule Wien following a successful live audition and for the next five years immersed himself in the sounds of the 3 B?s (Bach, Beethoven and Brahms) and the 3 M?s (Mozart, Mendelssohn and Mahler).


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