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Kpop Sexy Dancer Choir Girls

Option: 5 Minute / Performance / 1

Sexy and groovy korean kpop performers at your event.Watch how they perform to the popular kpop tunes!

The Korean wave first started off from all the sappy and romantic Korean dramas in the early 2000s, and then gradually broaden to the Korean pop music where Rain and BoA were known to be dominating the scene back then.
The few years saw a new generation of young artistes exploding into the scene, many girl bands and boy bands are formed. They are not just good in singing but also dancing. Add on their good looks and these make them the perfect eye-candies. Many of these Kpop groups are young and vibrant, portraying infectious high energy through their fast songs and live dances on stage and in their music videos. A few of them even went on to become worldwide sensation, such as Wonder Girls with their hit song 'Nobody' and its catchy dance moves. This is followed by Big Bang and recently Psy for his youtube hit 'Gangam Style'.

They are a sure hit at your event, making guests excited when the pretty and slender females come alive like life Barbie dolls. The girls have graced many events including product launches, corporate D&Ds, marketing seminars, global conferences openings, fashion shows and many others. Some of the places they have performed at include, Zouk, St James, MBS, Suntec Convention, Marina Floating Bay, Fullerton, and more. Highly energetic with the power to keep your audiences in awe, the Kpop girls are a must have for all events!

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