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Kungfu / Wushu / Martial Arts Performance

Option: 5 Minute / Performance / 1

Award winning martial arts stuntmen performance. 

Our coaches are minimally national gold medalist calibre and actual gold medalist on the national level. In our team, we have an active international Wushu judge, who provides guidance for the young and aspiring. 

Kungfu display comes in a variety of styles and techniques that are grouped into categories. The first type is the weapon-play and bare-hand styles. It uses various weapons and is divided into flexible, short-range, double, and long-range arms.

The second type is the one that implements a martial arts system. Meanwhile, one of the Kungfu styles is the drunken fighting technique, which was used in “The Drunken Master” movie.
A basic Wushu performance program shows eight major techniques, and these are:

1. Long-Fist – is a bout at the end of a person’s reach. It uses agile, quick, rhythmic movements, punctuated by spectacular and explosive jumping techniques.

2. Southern-Fist – also known as the “bridge” technique wherein a person throws a fist to block and to attack the opponent. It uses powerful hand attacks built on a steady stance work.

3. Staff-Play – known as the “Father of All Weapons”. This technique uses all sorts of martial arts fighting styles. It uses a semi-flexible wood, which enables the staff to smash it to the ground without breaking it.

4. Board-Sword-Play – is recognized as the “Marshal of All Weapons” as it was the basic mobilization of foot soldiers in medieval times. It uses explosive, quick movements, and wild ferocity which resembles an infuriated tiger.

5. Swordplay – also known as the “Gentleman of all Weapons,” it implements the same techniques used by the board-sword. The only difference is the control as you need to plan where and when to strike the opponent.

6. Spear-play – dubbed as the “King of all Weapons.” The spear has the widest reach among all weapons while the sharp edge provides killing power.

7. Southern Board-Sword-Play – is an extensive, single-edged sword that ranges from hand to ear when held. It uses swift and aggressive footwork of the southern-fist movement with thrusting and slashing strikes.

8. Southern Sword Play – is an elongated stick with semi-flexible wood that has a measure of the player’s height. It’s thicker than its counterpart as it is resistant to smashing attacks and direct blocks of the staff style.

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