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Female Warrior LED Drummers

Option: 5 Minute / Performance / 1

All logistics included, drums will be delivered 2 hours before event, all drummers standby 1 hour before the show time. We need 2 monitor speakers facing the stage so the drummers can hear the backing cd music. We will bring a cd. Drums are loud and no microphone needed.
A future state of drumming crew, warriors of the light, is the first and only exclusive female drum team in Singapore.
The establishment of this LED drumming crew has injected not only fresh bloods, but also a new face to the performance industry of Singapore. It is the management s creativity and effort to bring up a team of white-collar attractive ladies, who are gifted not just in their personal career profession, but also musically inclined.
Equipped with sophisticated gadgets and drum-sets, let our futuristic lady warriors bring you to a new level and unfolds a journey into the future. Be captivated by live performance, which will impress the audience wanting for more. It is our endless flow of inspirations that will awe you with unlimited surprises."

What we need from you:
1 x CD Player with Audio System
1 x Changing Room for Performers
No mics required

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