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Singer Mavis

Fluent in both Chinese and English songs and have a strong passion for performing and singing since young. Mavis joined Campus superstar 2009 recognized as the girl with a powerful voice and secured top 4 position. In 2009, Mavis had the honor of performing for the First Lady of Singapore representing Deyi Sec. She was also invited to perform for the Bishan circle line opening ceremony. To further improve herself and pursue her passion for music She is currently performing Top 40 hits including pop,rock,jazz and R&B at regular gigs Performance Experience: Regular gigs at bars/cafés such as Acid Bar, Rocku, PinkLady Bar and White Tangerine Cafe Performed at events such as PAP Private Event, People Association Event and Singapore Poly Open House. Performed at singing competitions such as Kovan Superstar.

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