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Singer Guitarist NT

Singer-Songwriter cum Guitarist cum Bassist

Despite being multi-talented and able to play a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, harmonica and drums, the singer-songwriter takes on the unsung role of playing the bass guitar, his first love. He possesses a Grade 8 with Distinction in Bass from Trinity Guildhall Rockschool and Grade 5 music theory from ABRSM. 

Apart from playing a variety of instruments and singing at mando/cantopop clubs such as Dragonfly, Beyond 97 and other outlets such as Beer Market, Hood Bar and Acid Bar. Nelson was also a semi-finalist in the first season of Singapore Idol along the likes of Sylvester Sim, Nat Ho etc.

Cumulated by the success of Singapore Originals and Switch’s emerging status as a platform for musicians from the Chinese-Mandarin scene in Singapore, Switch will be giving centre stage to a Mandarin version of Singapore Originals titled 新创.


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