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Singer Pei

Well-rounded billingual songstress in jazz and pop

Genre: Jazz, Bossa Nova, R & B, Ballad, Pop and Evergreen

Often remembered for her unique tone and elegant stage presence, she is a young vocalist with a voice quality that boasts a maturity that is way beyond her years. She is versatile in performing songs of various genres: from Straightahead Swing to Funk, Bossa Nova to Musical Theatre, and Top 40’s to Mandopop classics, she always ensures that audiences enjoy a refreshing auditory experience. From 2011-2012, She was President of Singapore’s only junior college Jazz club, Raffles Jazz, developing and garnering experience from performing inside and outside of school. Since then, she has performed for weddings, corporate annual dinners and mall events, and has graced the stage of musicals and various concerts. She has performed with the NUS Jazz Band and is currently the frontwoman of a local band

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