Ooffle is a leading creative agency in Singapore specializing in events and campaign management. They provide assistance in your corporate or private events tailored to your needs. Ooffle blend both digital and event management campaigns to reach your brand's objective. Even if you need live entertainment or a wedding party, Ooffle are willing to lend a hand and make your event a jolly good time for you and your guests.

Pop / Basic Jazz / Party Live Band (5-person)


Musicians doubling as lead/backup vocalists while playing instruments and/or switch between 2-3 instruments
Each musician interchange roles for different songs to achieve maximum variety of music and multi-part harmony

UNLIMITED song requests & dedications by event hosts or guests 

Complimentary to their vocal performance, the possible variety of instruments they perform include mix of piano/keyboard, guitar, drums/cajon, saxophone, violin, standing double bass, flute, string quartet, cello, trumpet, trombone. Male and female vocalists sing English, Mandarin and other languages. Notably, most musicians are highly versatile, either doubling as lead or backup vocalists while playing instruments and/orswitching between 2-3 instruments. Each person can interchange roles for different songs to achieve maximum variety of music with different instrument combination and richer multi-part vocal harmony, which will sound more impressive and look grander in your stylish setting. 


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