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Orchard Central Movement Reboot Campaign 2018 @ OC

From 13 April to 13 May 2018, Orchard Central was running their sports and fitness campaign, OC Movement <Reboot>. With sponsors such as Under Armour, this campaign encouraged shoppers to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

Ooffle was glad to oversee the creative conceptualistation, produce the decor and props for the show, and plan the activities involved. This involved a fitness set-up with sturdy pull-up bars and other gym equipment, and all the elements were put together with a modern attractive look. These equipment had the look, and could also stand the stress to ensure the safety of participants.

Shoppers who spent a certain amount were entitled to sign up for workshops such as "Cross Training" and "Rapid Fit" where they worked out with other shoppers. In addition to this, there was also an ongoing leaderboard challenge where shoppers strove to outdo one another in activities such as planking, pull-ups, yoga and push-ups.

This campaign showed that shoppers were interested in fitness, and the activities certainly drew a crowd from youths to baby boomers.

Services offered:

  • Design & media production
  • Exhibition booth design & 3D props fabrication
  • Sports equipment installation
  • Setting up of trusses and span sets with weights
  • Emcee to pull crowd
  • Crowd pullers sales staff to garner participation
  • Sound system and DJ
  • Scorers & Challenge Faciliators
  • Time keepers and crowd control
  • Leaderboard challenge
  • PE Endorsment
  • Gym Mat
  • Workout challenge curation
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