Ooffle is a leading virtual events Singapore management company specializing in video live streaming and production. They provide assistance in your vritual corporate events tailored to your needs. Ooffle blend both digital campaigns and activation to reach your brand's objective. Even if you need live streaming or video production at a greenscreen studio, Ooffle will make your virtual events Singapore happen across Asia.

What Are Virtual Events / Digital Exhibitions Conference / Virtual Augmented Reality?

The conference ballroom venue or exhibition hall is a familiar and much loved feature of any conference. But what does that look like when your conference is online?

For a wholly online conference the exhibition is often a dedicated page, either online or within the virtual conferencing platform, containing the list of all exhibitors. This list can include logos and often arranges exhibitors based on their sponsorship level but with the option to search alphabetically. Each listing in the digital exhibition takes delegates to the exhibitor’s profile.

What Are The Advantages Of Virtual Conferences /  Digital Exhibitions?

There is so much more convenience with hosting an exhibition online compared to hosting a live-in person event. No doubt, having a show in person has its advantages. However, hosting an event online is more economical and environmentally friendly because there is a massive decline in travelling, food, and other related expenses.

For an online event, all you need is a phone or laptop and good internet access. Online events have also proved to be more beneficial as many people attend online events conveniently. An online event allows the participation of domestic as well as international attendees.

Why is hosting a digital exhibition right for your company?

Virtual Stage in 3D Auditorium

3D Virtual Microsite

Virtual Stage in 3D Auditorium

H&M Influencer Launch

In 2021, H&M engaged Ooffle to assist in a photoshoot and video recording session for H&M Influencer Launch Event. Ooffle teamed up with H&M to provide them with a professional, high qu... Read More→

Fortinet Security Summit 2021

Fortinet engaged Ooffle for their Fortinet Security Summit 2021. Ooffle teamed up with Fortinet to power their online virtual digital conference plus exhibition with around thousands of prospective... Read More→

Fortinet Secure FSI Summit 2021

After a successful virtual summit earlier this year, Fortinet re-engaged Ooffle for their Fortinet Security FSI Summit 2021. Ooffle had the opportunity to team up with Fortinet to broadcast their o... Read More→

Sunrider Country Summit 2021

The COVID-19 has placed millions of people around the world in a state of house-arrest. While most offices and streets lay empty, the world has continued to work behind computer screens and mobile ... Read More→

360° Virtual Reality Microsite

Virtual & Hybrid Events in Singapore

The COVID-19 has placed millions of people around the world in a state of house-arrest. While most offices and streets lay empty, the world has continued to work behind computer screens and mobile ... Read More→

Fortinet APAC Operational Technology Summit 2021

After having a successful summit in 2020, Fortinet re-engaged Ooffle for their Fortinet APAC Operational Technology Summit in 2021. Ooffle teamed up with Fortinet to power their online virtual digi... Read More→

Interactive Floor and Wall Games

Choose from a host of exciting  floor and wall games to keep  kids on their feet and jumping with joy. Games for interactive floor: Alien Attack Angry Balloons Car Pong Car Race Color Collect Chas... Read More→

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Olam Cocoa Webinar-Powered by Interactive Website

Ooffle partnered with Olam Cocoa to put out their online virtual webinar & managed the live website with the virtual auditorium. The website to join the webinar provided a very powerful and ver... Read More→

2021 MCC Virtual Event

Ooffle teamed up with MCC to power their online virtual MCC Singapore 25th Anniversary with their employees around the world and managed the live website with the virtual auditorium. Staff from abo... Read More→

Real-Time Analytics Geolocation Heatmap

Geo Location Heatmaps Where are the participants currently based at who are joining in the conference?Show a summary of the locations of where the participants are coming from. Track Heatmaps of Po... Read More→

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Multi-Cam Immersiveness Video Live Feed Streaming

An impressive stage setup with LED wall production and backdrops. We can also put up colourful LIT props to make the stage come alive. The focus will only be on the stage as there will be no audien... Read More→

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Holographic Live Immersive Technology

The whole stage can be using 15m x 6m holographic mesh with 12k lumens projection. Holograms is one of the most powerful pieces of technology used for delighting and astounding audiences. With non ... Read More→

Motion Tracking

We offer motion tracking services which will offer an interactive experience for everyone. Motion capture uses motion-tracking cameras to capture the movement of the person wearing motion tracking ... Read More→

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3D Virtual Event Smart Augmented Reality Conference

If you want to host a virtual conference or exhibition with live stream or prerecordings, check out our hottest selling 3D Virtual Event Smart Augmented Reality Conference which includes virtual ba... Read More→

Olam Cocoa Webinar-Powering up in health and wellness

Ooffle partnered with Olam Cocoa to put out their online virtual webinar & managed the live website with the virtual auditorium. The website included various booth for the users to navigate thr... Read More→

AIA Leaders' Strategic Planning Conference 2021

Team Ooffle came together with AIA to host their online virtual meeting and breakout sessions with their employees in the region and managed the live stream and virtual event which is made up of th... Read More→

Fortinet South East Asia & Hong Kong 361 Security Virtual Edition

Ooffle teamed up with Fortinet to power their online virtual meeting plus exhibition with around 2000 employees, customers and partners around the world and managed the live virtual conference whic... Read More→

Virtual event management augmented virtual reality

Adept at the latest cutting edge VR Tech Bring the elements of the virtual world into the real, effectively and simply present information about a brand, product or service, as well as create much-... Read More→

Digital Event Management Virtual Fairs / Digital Activation / Virtual Exhibition Booths

Host Online Conferences, Virtual Career Fairs, Online Trade Shows & more. Connect audiences globally using chat tools, live webinars & digital content. The world is facing uncertainty as gl... Read More→

Interactive Augmented Reality Experiential Launch

This technology makes for very a impressive addition to everything from birthday parties to high profile meetings to trade shows. Read More→

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Hybrid Panoramic Greenscreen Virtual Set

AR Insta Filter Interaction

Instagram filters are the latest tool which brands can use to provide interactive & fun experiences to their target audience creatively as part of their marketing campaigns.  Read More→

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Fortinet Secure Operational Technology Summit 2022 - APAC

After multiple successful virtual summits and conferences last year, Fortinet re-engaged Ooffle for their Secure Operational Technology Summit 2022. We helped them broadcast their online virtual di... Read More→


The world’s leading credit insurer, Coface, held their annual kick-off meeting at Raffles Hotel with a unique hybrid event inclusive of both in-person and virtual audiences. Coface reached out to O... Read More→


Renowned local research and development organisation, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), held their annual CLF and MPTC Conference 2022 at Innovis Tower. The 4-day conference org... Read More→

MCC M.SPACO Opening Hybrid Event

Singaporean real estate developer, MCC, celebrated the opening of their experiential gallery M.SPACO at Poiz Residences, coinciding with their 26th Anniversary. Ooffle had the amazing opportunity t... Read More→

Tiger Brokers Holographic  @Heritage Shophouse

The Ooffle team provided Tiger Brokers an alternative to in-person keynotes. Holograms revolutionized the way presentations, keynote speeches and sales pitches attract their audiences. It is the mo... Read More→

SCCCI Virtual WCEC Flag Handover Ceremony

Ooffle, spearheaded the success of the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention (WCEC) hosted by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI), seamlessly blending phys... Read More→

Coface 2022 Global Economic Mid-Year Outlook @ Live stream

Coface 2022 Global Economic Mid-Year Outlook : How corporates can manage the growing risks @ Live stream In July, Coface, one of the world's largest global credit insurers, engaged Ooffle to ass... Read More→

Fujitec 50th Anniversary Celebration

Ooffle team has provides our services for Fujitec 50th Anniversary Celebration held in singapore in 2022. We provided complete service support for the Fujitec event in Singapore this year 2022. Our... Read More→

Norgren Playing To Win 2022 Asia Pacific e-Sales Conference

On 2 March 2022, Norgren held their Playing to Win 2022 Asia Pacific E-Sales Conference in partnership with Ooffle. Backed by Ooffle’s production team, a suitable studio and relevant tech setup for... Read More→

FWA Symposium 2021

Financial Woman's Association Singapore had a spectacular Symposium where it was achieved with the studio and technology that the Ooffle team provided. The event took place as a hybrid event where ... Read More→

Fortinet Asia Security Automation Summit 2023 @ APAC

Fortinet Security Automation 2023Ooffle provided a comprehensive solution to software company, Fortinet for their international virtual summit, Fortinet Security Automation 2023. We managed the liv... Read More→

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Fortinet Secure Operational Technology Summit 2023 @ APAC

Fortinet Secure Operational Technology Summit 2023During the Fortinet Secure Operational Technology Summit 2023 by software company, Fortinet, Ooffle was in charge of managing their international ... Read More→

Coface Hybrid Event

Virtual livestreaming events seem to be trending! There are increasing numbers of Digital Events, New Media, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality shows such as Webin... Read More→

Fortinet Cybersecurity - Cybersecurity Summit 2023

Fortinet Cybersecurity, a global authority in digital security solutions, collaborated with Ooffle to host the Cybersecurity Summit 2023. This virtual gathering convened industry luminaries and org... Read More→

Go beyond location!

One of the most significant advantages that you will be offering your existing and prospective customers is that they do not have to step out of their homes to be at your exhibition. They can attend your event from anywhere in the world. In this way, you take your exhibition to where your customers are. You do not have to spend on renting a physical venue.

Expanding your reach virtual exhibition will enable you to communicate with your audience worldwide. Since a virtual show has no location-wise restriction, this will allow you to build and make connections with your prospective clients anywhere in the world. Exhibitors can also answer client queries and doubts over your virtual stall.

No capacity restrictions

One of the primary benefits of hosting an event online is that there is no limit on the number of people you invite. There will be some number of people you can invite to the venue at a physical location. However, that’s not the case in the case of hosting a virtual event.

Choose how you promote your brand! 

Brands will have more freedom with regards to what advertisement they wish to show to the audience. They can get creative and even display engaging video ads on their virtual stalls.

Access to detailed analytical reports and databases: 

Hosting a virtual event will enable you to gain access to valuable information to improve your advertisement and product strategies in the future.

How to host digital exhibitions 

The Idea

Make sure that you have one concept for the event, and work towards improving this concept. It would be best if you then built all the aspects of your event around this particular concept. Brainstorm on your idea, how you want to revolve your content around it? How you want to deliver this to your exhibitors and how you want to take your attendees on this journey.

Attract more people: 

Most people worldwide use their phones and laptops, and many of these people use social media and email to connect. As of 2021, around 2.5 billion or more people are using famous social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Hence finding your audience amongst these people is going to be more simplified now than ever.

Get the right tools:

There are various digital exhibition tools available out there where you can host your event. You can also get in touch with vendors, ask them for a demo, try the best ones, and examine which one works the best for you.

The entertainment:

Keep an eye out for little details regarding how your audience interacts with your site and the interface. The audience should have a pleasant experience and at the same time, get valuable knowledge while they are there. Giving your audience a good experience at your exhibition is the key element here. Also, ensure that the ambience at your exhibition is good.

Prepare a list of exhibitors:

Your exhibitors are the ones who will be interacting with the end audience. You have to regulate the kind of content that they will be sharing at their stall. Hence, make sure you know your exhibitors and what to expect from them.

Prepare a schedule

Plan your schedule well and ensure that it aligns with the different time zones since your audience will worldwide. Everyone should follow the schedule to ensure a good flow and continuity of the event. The schedule should be made and communicated promptly, leaving no space for any misunderstanding regarding it.

Manage your attendees

It is crucial to help the attendees along their way. Having an interactive virtual guide to help them along their experience is necessary. Give your attendees an experience that is as personalized as possible, making their experience with your exhibition something to remember.

The Content

The content is the single most crucial thing that you will give out at your exhibition. This, indeed, is the part that will require a lot of brainstorming. Your attendees will be there at your exhibition because of the value they will get from your event. You can also gather feedback from people outside your content team, like your sponsors and exhibitors. You never know from where the craziest idea can come.

Secure payment options

Use a safe payment method for transactions. It is always better to be using a secure means of making and receiving payment to avoid any payment related problems later on.

Create real-time online interactions:

Enable real-time interaction with your attendees so that they too get to interact with the exhibitors and the other attendees in real-time, enabling everyone to have a great time on the virtual platform. 



Why choose Ooffle's Virtual Event Platform?

Immersive Powerful 3D Creative Virtual Event Platform

A virtual platform, visually appealing, interactive, powerful and scalable based on the best cloud architectures and with high levels of security and reliability.

Insightful Post-event Reports Heatmaps

In order to evaluate the ROI of your virtual event or fair you will have access to multiple statistical reports including the ones relating to the performance of your event but also those relating to the individual stands of the exhibitors.

Qualified Event Managers For Custom Needs

Our event managers will be at your disposal before, during and after the event. At your service to help you organize your virtual event or exhibition, answering your questions and optimally customizing your virtual booth.

24/7 Operational Support for Content Management

Upload your content, set up virtual stands for your exhibitors and build an impeccably designed virtual event with the support of our content and design managers: make your participants live a unique and immersive experience!

Proven Marketing for the Event's Promo & Registration

Do you need to promote your virtual event but you don't know how? Ooffle's marketing consulting service will offer you the advices you need. We help you choose the right channels to convey your event through social networks, organic research and advertising newsletters.


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