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Fortinet Secure FSI Summit 2021

After a successful virtual summit earlier this year, Fortinet re-engaged Ooffle for their Fortinet Security FSI Summit 2021. Ooffle had the opportunity to team up with Fortinet to broadcast their online virtual digital conference plus exhibition to thousands of prospective customers around the world, all the while managing the live website and virtual auditorium.

With attendees from many different countries around the world joining us, the digital turnout was very well received. Prior to the event, we managed the entire registration and welcome messaging. We also managed the introductory music and announcements for each attendee. The landing page outlined the agenda clearly, with detailed timestamps, descriptions as well as a time zone reference, highlighting important information about the event.

After participants logged in, they were immediately ushered into an impressive lobby showcasing each and every single aspect of the conference, detailing information about the speakers, as well as their agenda. We greeted them with promotional videos, and also mapped out the directions for the virtual lobby, auditorium, exhibition hall and virtual photobooth, all of which were within easy access.

The virtual event microsite included various interactive booths for the users to navigate through and learn more about the organization and the conference itself. We also introduced multiuser chat, live video calls, fun polls and games for the entertainment of the connected guests, keeping them engaged throughout the event.

At the Auditorium we planned and executed the whole live stream from start to end with different keynote speakers presenting a series of topics in the main 3D room and studio. Keynote speakers that were unable to join us in person were still able to present their topics through the use of a live video stream, complete with minimalistic yet professional backgrounds they they could freely use and swap in and out of.

A video chat feature was introduced, and participants could apply different backgrounds to their own live video streams, as well as use the time given to interact with other like-minded individuals. After the event, they also had the opportunity to take pictures in the virtual photo booth with the Fortinet backgrounds and animations alongside their colleagues.

The speakers also had opportunities to interact with participants through the use of a live chat box. Participants could use the chat box to talk to each other, as well as to the speakers. The backdrop was set up based on the requirements of the client and their organization.

Services offered:

  • Design & media production
  • Website Design & Development
  • Virtual Booth 3d
  • Concept Designing
  • Corporate event planning
  • Virtual Meeting and Live Hosting


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