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Acappella & Choir Carolling Group

A group of wacky people who make good music solely with their mouths. Minimum    Read More→

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Acappella Choir Group

These are done acapella, as part of traditional carolling by our adult team or student team. Carollers for stage performance (adults)Cost excludes: Equipment & Costumes 2/3/4/5/6 SingersCarol... Read More→

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Ecofriend Awards Ceremony @ Park Royale Hotel

  The EcoFriend Awards recognise the efforts and achievements of environmentally-proactive people in Singapore who have made contributions to the environment. These individuals come from all walks ... Read More→

International Acappella Winners

The band most recently made history on the Singapore Hit Awards, being the first ever all-vocal group nominated. Aside from 4 nominations, they also received the prestigious . The band was the firs... Read More→

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Large Student Choir Carollers

Choir who shares a common passion for singing and choral music. The choir aims to promote choral music excellence within the campus and to external audiences by performing throughout the year   Read More→

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Passionate Choir & Carollers

Embraces seasonal festivals and Christmas is one of our favourites! We have been caroling for over 12 years and we have teams of all ages and group sizes. Our programmes include : (1) A Cappella ... Read More→

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Perfect Vox Acappella / Carollers Group

Formed in 2001, made up of a bunch of people bound by a common love for singing, with members from diverse musical backgrounds. They sing just about anything — from contemporary pop to alternative ... Read More→

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Singing Waiters & Waitresses

Fancy some surprise? Find our waiters and waitresses singing suddenly at your event!   Read More→

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Student Choir Carollers

To share in a united love for choral music. We have continuously performed for both local and international audiences, holding 17 annual concerts since then as well as touring abroad and participat... Read More→

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Thematic Female Vocal Choir

All Female Vocal Choir performing in themed costumes Read More→

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Varsity Champion Acappella / Carollers

Carollers was formed by a group of talented, individualistic, music-loving residents at the National University of Singapore, way back in 1995. We are a group of singers who perform without instrum... Read More→

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Versatile Acappella / Carolling Group

No instruments band, only pure harmonic voices! Sweep your guests off their feet with the astonishing performance of acapella groups that come up with a song and sounds of instruments with only rea... Read More→

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