Ooffle is a leading creative agency in Singapore specializing in events and campaign management. They provide assistance in your corporate or private events tailored to your needs. Ooffle blend both digital and event management campaigns to reach your brand's objective. Even if you need live entertainment or a wedding party, Ooffle are willing to lend a hand and make your event a jolly good time for you and your guests.


Arts @ Safra Festival at Punggol Safra

As part of Arts @ Safra in Punggol we welcomed the festival with a big bang bang! Our percussion drummers were live in action doing an extravagant display of drumming using recyclable materials suc... Read More→

Brazillian Drumming

Professional Drummers. Excludes Drumset Read More→

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Chinese Festive Drums

Synchronised Drummers presenting the Festive Drums beat. Festive Drums are well known in China for the Thunderous effect which set everybody’s heart thumping with the beat produce by the Drummers. ... Read More→

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Christmas Ringers

Portfolio: The group is Singapore's first and only registered community ensemble.  Their pioneer members include qualified Ringers, Percussionists & Keyboardists from the Studio Percussion Unit... Read More→

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Japanese Drumming

Started in the year 2004 to promote the art of Taiko drumming in Singapore. It was started in the year 2004 to promote the art of Taiko drumming in Singapore. The basic Taikocourse conducted by the... Read More→

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Percussion ensemble Samba Pop Rock

This group is made up of members with a myriad of musical backgrounds and experiences, bound together by their passion to create unforgiving rhythms set to blow your mind. Includes instruments R... Read More→

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Percussion Ensemble, Project Wolbachia Press Launch @ NEA

After years of development and testing, National Environment Agency (NEA) launched a new novel mosquito control method - Project Wolbachia - to improve dengue control in Singapore. Ooffle was enrol... Read More→

Samba Chef Drummer @ Changi SATS Catering

Samba Chef Drummer @ Changi SATS Catering Service provided: Samba Drummers - With Chef Costume  "It is a very Good performance, they are quite professional, It would be perfect if they can have dif... Read More→

Samba Percussion

Samba is a Brazilian dance and music genre originated from Brazil and with its roots Africa via the West African slave trade and African religious traditions, particularly Angola and the Congo. It ... Read More→

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Samba Percussion Ensemble

Profile: This group is Singapore's most hitting social, social and musical group that spreads their affection for swinging samba and throbbing batucada beats to everybody who crosses their way. The... Read More→

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Steel Carribean Percussion Band

Enjoy the spectacle of steel pan music and the exciting repertoire comprising the soothing melodies and exotic rhythms of Caribbean, familiar pop songs and evergreen classics. they have performed a... Read More→

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