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Canon CNY Prosperity Dealers Night Spring Gala 2019 @ Sofitel City

Canon held their 40th anniversary celebration - Canon Enchanting Spring Gala - at the Sofitel City Centre Hotel in 2019 with a dinner, multiple performances and an award ceremony. From concept to execution, Ooffle was engaged for the entire creative thought process and production of this prestigious event.

At the pre-dinner cocktail session, the guests were free to explore the multiple lucky booths and try their luck at winning where they could win attractive prizes like abalones. To enter the main dining area, they passed through a fog wall on which was projected a "Prosperous New Year" animation. Meanwhile, they could also visit a green screen photobooth to take photos which would place them in front of a fantastic pagoda! The photos were printed on magnetic paper and they can form the huat ah words on the magnetic wall. 

During the dinner, our guests were enthralled with multiple entertaining performances including a 3D projection mapping lion dance act, cultural performances which acted as intros to the award mechnisms, and costume changing artists. Selected guests were also given the chance to shake the "Fortune Tree" which dropped prizes. Finally, the highlight was for guests to participate in the lucky draw together as they threw golden eggs with numbers into the fabricated ingots assigned the prizes and the VIP drew from there. With an award ceremony and speeches by the guest of honor followed by digital fireworks, the wonderful evening was brought to a close.

Through the event, we made use of Canon technology which showcased their products at the same time. For example, the 3D projection mapping backdrops, the projectors at the fringe booths and the magnetic paper plus printer were all a myriad of products that Canon sells. What a true night of networking and product exhibition!

Services offered:

  • Conceptualization, logistics, management and execution of dinner and stage events
  • Multiple fabricated booths,"Blackjack", "Wind Chamber", "Big Small", "Lucky Fishing", and more
  • 3D Projection Mapping Lion dance performance
  • Chinese cultural performances
  • Costume Quick Change
  • "Fortune Shaking Tree"
  • Fog wall and entrance arch with lanterns
  • LED Wall embedded in stage oriental stage arch fabrication
  • 3D Projection Mapping backdrops on sides
  • Ingots fabrication and golden eggs lucky draw mechnism
  • Sake breaking and mass toast
  • Kungfu and Chinese Drumming performances for awards intro
  • Green screen photobooth printed on magnetic paper
  • Magnetic Huat Wall
  • Kimonos Costumes for Models
  • Liu Li Trophies and Packaging
  • Door gifts production and packaging
  • Customized Ang Pao with plush material design and production 
  • Purchase and curation of premium prizes like abalones and sharks fin
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