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Orchard Central Food Festival 2018 Feast @ OC

For the Food Festival "Feast!" at Orchard Central, we conceptualized the theme of Food x Art and we fabricated various 3D props and installed the whole atrium with an exhibition display of food props. Giant donut, fairy lights, artsy food streets wall sticker. Everything that you see in the pictures were done by us basically!

We also had various food vendors coming in to sell their F&B products at the other corner that we managed for a month from vendor sourcing to daily operations. The theme was graffiti art direction and we made the food market look like a alfresco bazaar from overseas with delectable choice of food and drinks to choose from. Some cool items included edible helium balloons, rainbow galaxy donuts, liquid nitrogen ice cream and dragon's breathe, lobster noodles, multi colored rainbow glitter drink, bespoke hand drawn macarons, cartoon character paos, glazed donuts, unicorn tears and many more!

On weekends, we also conducted various art jamming and other art related activities that corelate with the theme of food. There was also daily redemption of free instagrammable food for the entire month with a minimum spending!

From 13 July till 12 Aug 2018, come over to Orchard Central for sweet treats and fun filled activities happening every Saturday! Join us at the Art Jamming classes and contests to win attractive prizes! You can also learn how to create instagram-able coffee and kitchen wares at our Rainbow Latte and Spray Art demos.

Fascinated by Glittery Art?

Come join us at the Art Jamming Workshop where you get to learn the glitter art techniques and get hands-on with sparkly supplies. Unleash your inner Picasso and create a masterpiece to bring home!

• Learn how to draw and make your custom stencil 
• The use of different types of glitter materials
• Brushing techniques and creating gradient glitter art 
• Complimentary Glitter Drinks & Truffle Fries will be served

Do you like looking up at a starry sky?

Capture that beautiful moment on canvas! Join our Galaxy Watercolor Painting Workshop, where you can unleash your imagination to create your very own Galaxy masterpiece!

• Learn the basic water color painting tricks. 
• Wet-on-wet techniques 
• Use of toothbrush to create the galaxy effect 
• Complimentary mermaid tears and nuggets will be served

Love everything in rainbow colors?

Come join us for the Rainbow Brush Lettering Workshop where you get to create beautiful calligraphy with rainbow colors.

• Brush lettering techniques 
• Basic calligraphy from A to Z 
• Learn to create cursive letterings with watercolor and calligraphy markers 
• Complimentary Rainbow Cake will be served

Amazed by how ordinary papers are transformed into stunning 3D art?

Here's your chance to take part in our 3D Art Workshop where you get to explore the fun & easy ways to create life size paper food art to impress your friends and family at special occasions.

• Techniques - Folding, Cutting, Molding, Stitching & Layering
• Create life size paper food art
• Decoration techniques for dining area and parties 
• Complimentary macarons and ice tea will be served

Spray painting is a unique art form that is generally performed by street-side artistes.

Here's your chance to learn this technique to create beautiful food art! 

• Get creative with materials to create different textures.
• Tips to create outlines and light mists
• Paint layering techniques 
• Complimentary cupcake and milkshake will be served

What's more? We have special rainbow cotton candy and roasted flavoured marshmallow giveaways on 28 Jul and 11 Aug from 2-6pm!

Service Provided : 

  • Creative Concept
  • Props and Fabrication
  • Food Art Activation Workshops
  • Event Operations  
  • Logistics Support
  • Exhibitions 
  • F&B Vendors Sourcing
  • Manpower Support


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