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Johnnie Walker Gifting Studio @ Changi Airport

The Johnnie Walker Gifting Studio at Changi Airport in Dec 2019 allowed travellers to purchase gifts in a bespoke and personal way. This interactive pop-up brought a one-of-a-kind retail experience to customers.

This time we installed a Interactive Touch Video Wishing Well ! First of its kind as an experiential marketing display for point of purchase. 

We brought our expertise to provide them with a touch-activated media setup, also known as an interactive video wishing well, and the media content to go along with it. Activate the touch sensor and you are granted a random video wish from our repository of wishes that comes to life in sight and sound! Something really magical, sensory and experiential that you can implement as a competitive advantage. Truly an amazing experience to touch and see something happening, like your wishes coming true!

Services offered:

  • Touch-activated media setup
  • Interactive sensor video wishing well
  • Media content Production for random video wishes
  • Approx 20-25 Videos in a library of video wishes and greetings
  • Curation of wishes and quotes for well wishing
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