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PFPFA Wealth in Wellness Virtual Extravaganza

On 12 February 2022, PFPFA held their Wealth in Wellness Virtual Extravaganza in partnership with Ooffle. With the studio and relevant tech setup provided by the Ooffle team, everything went smoothly and our clients were pleased. It was a pre-recorded event, though a live chat feature was implemented during the summit itself to facilitate interaction between participants, as well as with the event organizers. Aside from the pre-recorded webinars, we also created a virtual exhibition hall for maximum user participation.

Prior to the event itself, the guest speakers came down to our greenscreen studio for the recording session. Within our augmented reality 3D stage, the recordings were done to perfection in conjunction with our 3D FX team, who helped control visual effects and graphics. We particularly focused on our client’s requests, using the inputs that they had given us to meticulously select every single effect and graphic used. All of the visual effects were highly cohesive, and our top priority was to make sure that the show flowed smoothly. Everything had to blend together perfectly, and nothing was spared to reach that end goal.


After logging in, participants were ushered into an impressive virtual lobby that showcased every aspect of the conference. We featured panels containing the information of PFP, the event organizer, as well as another containing the virtual exhibition hall alongside its sponsors. Based off an airport setting, we displayed the webinar timings on a flight schedule panel, as per the requests of our client. There were many different sections of the website, all made in house: it also had tabs showcasing speaker information as well as a lucky draw. Participants were further greeted with promotional videos and directions to each part of the website.

The virtual exhibition hall included many different interactive booths for attendees to navigate through. It utilized a dynamic scene made in-house through the use of multiple cameras at multiple angles in order to present it as a proper exhibition hall, which contributed to the general immersivity of the event. Ease of access was our top priority, and it was ensured that attendees would face no issues while learning more about the various organizations that had set up their booths there. We had also implemented a live chat functionality in order to facilitate communication between booth agents and their guests; this maintained user engagement throughout the entire event.

The entire event was a resounding success, and a sizable turnout all but confirmed it. Our clients were pleased with what we had put out for them, and participants had similar praises as well.

Services offered:

  • 3D Stage
  • Virtual Events Management Singapore
  • Virtual Event Platform
  • Design & media production
  • Microsite Design & Development
  • Virtual Booth 3D
  • Concept Designing
  • Corporate event planning
  • Virtual Meeting and Live Hosting
  • Video Streaming, Interactive Keynote Presentation
  • Live Commenting for Speaker Sessions
  • Greenscreen studio production
  • Emcee Hosting
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