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Trumpf Singapore 25th Anniversary Celebration @ Faber Peak

Trumpf Singapore 25th Anniversary Celebration @ Faber Peak

Services Provided:

Digital Live Caricaturist Drawing

Roving Photography + Instant Prints

Mentalist TD

Stand Up Comedian RS

3D interactive Projection Mapping Act 

Mobile KTV

Banner Production

3D Projection Mapping

WOW level – 7.5.

Duration – Duration was perfect. Neither too long nor too short.

Appeal Factor – Yes it is, most of our staff were quite captivated by the dance and the projection.

Mentalist TD

WOW level – 9

Duration – Duration was just nice, however I guess most of the staff just couldn’t get enough of him.

Appeal Factor – The mentalist managed to capture the attention of all of our guest, the whole room was so seriously focused on his act the whole time. So its really good.


WOW level – 9

Duration – Duration was a little short in my opinion, or probably we were too amused by his sense of humour so much that we felt the time past by so quickly.

Appeal Factor – His performance was really great, both him and the mentalist engaged in the crowd and our staff loved the engagement. The comedian’s act really loosened up the whole atmosphere after the Mentalist’s act. So I would say it is a good balance.

Overall Satisfaction Level

Personally, I would easily give you guys a 10. I really appreciate the team highlighting to me the concerns of the projector on site, helping me keep track of the time and performance etc. Overall, all of us had a really great night and it’s made possible because of you guys assisting us in the event as well!

Posted on 06/01/2017

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