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Wheelock Marketing Activation Campaign

Wheelock Christmas Marketing Activation Campaign 2016

Services Provided: 

For two whole months of Christmas season, we engaged the shoppers at Wheelock Place with innovative entertainment acts in order to improve the customer experience at the shopping mall

Live Human Dancing Jukebox
Choose the genre, press the button and you get two live humans singing and dancing to the song. Choose fast forward or slow down and they will react accordingly. Push another button for another genre and they will change to a different performance immediately like the old school jukebox. 

Human Activated Singing Statues
Shoppers poked or touch the statues to make them come alive and sing them all sorts of music. After a song, they will go back to "sleep" until the shoppers woke them up again!

Human Jingle Bells
The musicians form a line as notes of a music octave and ring the bells to share the cheer. Requiring great coordination and skill, its an impressive and novel feat to pull through for Christmas!

Roving Artists
What better way to rove and station around the mall to sing to the crowd who are doing their shopping within the building!


Posted on 12/11/2016

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