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Finding the right event planner

Celebrating your company’s anniversary is a must because a company anniversary party is just another way of saying ‘thank you’ to those who make sure your business runs as it should. Organizing a party is not as easy as it may seem. But it will be easier if you hire an entertainment company which helps you to organize almost anything and everything. There are many entertainment companies around Singapore; however, how should you pick one company among the many? Here are some tips that will help you narrow down your choice.

Choose an experienced event planner

A good event planner gains their experience from their past events. Finding an entertainment company that has planned a lot of events shows that they have better experience compared to the others. But be careful on what type of experience these companies have. For example, if the entertainment company you are looking at has a lot of experience in the wedding planning and has never planned anything for company anniversary, you should probably search for a different planner that has the experience you need.

Fees, prices and policies

Regardless of whether you are a big company or a small company, every company has budget for their own event. Thus, budget is very important part of all events. It is very important for you to know about their fees, prices and policies. You don’t want to organize an anniversary party that has a lot hidden fees in it. Those hidden fees may cost too much, it will be over your company’s budget. Here is an extra tip for you, a good entertainment company will be open about their fees, prices and policies. Therefore, a good event planner will ask before taking any actions that might increase the expected or agreed-upon price. If the entertainment company is not willing to be transparent about their fees and policies, chances are they are up to something fishy.

A compatible event planner

If you want your event to go smoothly, the people involved in planning the event must somehow be compatible with you or your company. It is very important that the event planner is in sync with you or your company’s representatives as much as possible. If the event planner does not cooperate or listen to your ideas in order to create an ideal event of yours, it may be best to look for a different event planner or entertainment company, although you yourself must accept their professional suggestions.

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Reaping The Benefits Of Creative Marketing

Marketing is such an important and integral part in the management of a business. And the success of such campaigns will depend on one’s ability to come up with ideas that will stir the imagination and interests of prospective clients. But why do you need to hire a creative agency Singapore to do that?

Cut Costs

Hiring an in house marketing team means hiring several individuals with different ideas to come up with ideas in pushing your product, service, brand, or organization to relevance. That means you have to pay wages for that much people to be able to market your brand well. Creative agencies offer certain bundles that are not only effective, it is also affordable, helping you cut down on costs and redirect funds to other aspects of the business that also matter.

From The Outside Looking In

Sometimes, you tend to not see what’s wrong or what campaigns are effective since it seems like looking yourself in the mirror. The advantage of hiring a creative agency is that they see your company from an outsider’s perspective. That means they see areas for improvement better and they know concepts that would help entice potential clients.

Updated With The Latest Trends

Creative agencies are in the business of marketing and that makes them conscious about the latest and the best practices and technologies that can help you improve your brand’s image. This affords you the advantage to reach out to more people more effectively.

Engaging Expertise

People working in creative agencies have spent their lives studying and breathing marketing. This wealth of experience gives them an advantage in trying to engage potential clients and capturing their attention. More than that, their communication skills, honed by time and experience, can help you best communicate with your clients.


These creative agencies are assigned specifically to clients that gives their undivided focus to do the task at hand. That means there are no distractions and their only concern is to make sure that your product is marketed in the best possible, and truthful way. This means they can come up with nice prospects that could help make your brand stand out and stick to clients’ minds.

Hiring a creative agency is indeed a great need as this can help you better market your brand to achieve the growth that you aim for. That is why you should only entrust these duties to people who have been in the industry long enough to know the best practices and the best vehicles for better marketing. Our team of creative people have the experience and the dedication that can help drive your organization to success. Question is, are you ready to take your organization’s marketing efforts to greater heights?

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Marketing Your Company Through Entertaining Events

In this busy corporate world, it is never wrong to have fun. One of the ways that you can do that is by holding corporate events. There are many reasons why you should regularly hold events. First up is the business benefits of it. Moreover, these events could also help in improving your relationship between employees and improve the working environment. Such leads to better productivity and a happier workplace.

Benefits Of An Entertaining Event

Holding events may cost you a lot of money. More than that, planning, carrying out, and the after party activities can prove to be really tiring. However, more than the benefits that were already discussed earlier. There are more benefits that you stand to get from holding an event. What are those?

  • Helps in Promoting Your Business. As said earlier, an event can help boost your clients’ awareness of your brand, services, products, and organization. Such could help foster better opportunities for growth and better business deals.
  • Give Back To Your Clients. An entertaining party is just one of the many ways that you could show your appreciation for your clients’ support. Good events can help your clients feel valued. That would make them continue supporting you and making you a part of their lives.
  • Shoot Up Your Employee’s Morale. By holding events and letting them relax and have fun, you help drive them to better productivity and working hard to achieve a goal. This helps ensure success and growth for your company.

Making A Splash

Given the many benefits of events in your business, it is only right for you to exert effort and make the most out of such opportunities. You have to carefully plan your events to make sure that you hold a successful and memorable event. One thing that you can do to spice things up is by planning for the entertainment part of the event. There are many entertainment company Singapore has to offer but you should pick out the best. This way, you’d be able to maximize the positive effects of your events and get your employees and clients alike entertained, making them remember this event for a long time. That is why you should only entrust events these important to an events company that has the experience, expertise, and capability to make fun, memorable, and entertaining events a reality. Our experience, capability, dedication, and good working attitude can help come up with rocking events that will yield rocking results.

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How Good An Event Company Should Be

For an event to be successful, the events company should have all the tools needed to effectively plan and execute. Hiring an events company in Singapore which knows the culture and the preference of the people in their point of view, should have what it takes.

Corporate entertainment can be a little tricky when you look at  on how to entertain a certain group of people. They have different tastes and preferences when it comes to appreciation. An Event Company should do their homework on how to please the audiences with their preparedness activities to keep their interest.

Passionate and Interested

An event company should have an undying interest in what they are planning and the passion in executing it. A high level of excitement and anticipation should be maintained so that the right atmosphere will be set until the event starts. The fun element should not subside to remind everyone the reason of setting up this event. If the people whose setting up this event are very interested with it, then it automatically affects the guests positively.

Knows the Event Objectives

It is given that having a target keeps any endeavors pointed in the right track. In this case, they should know what are their client's aiming for to achieve their goals by means of setting up an event. The complexities surround every event can blur the real message the clients wants to deliver to their audiences. Sticking to what the management or client expect to achieve in this undertaking clears up any unnecessary things.

Able To Budget Properly

An event is not considered to be one if there is no entertainment involved. It is one of the essential tools an event should have to keep the interest of the people. Other organizers put too many items and goodies to please the guests. That results for them to overlook some over costly items and materials loosing a big chunk of the budget. They should know budget considerations on other utilities, items, entertainment, and permits. They should allocate the right amount for the right products and services for the event.

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Benefits of Hiring An Event Management Company

Event planning can be very challenging and stressful to execute. An event could consist of many activities and functions that are needed to be monitored and well placed. It can be very overwhelming to do when you have to gather the resources and setting up the plans to make it work. It is like building a structure on your own when you have to outsource every material to make it stand up.

In addition, there is a certain level of accountability for you to consider in every step you make. Understanding the complexities of an single event can be time and effort consuming. And if there would be unforeseen circumstances that results into mistakes, imagine the resources lost and may cost you a hefty price to pay.

Hiring professionals that are very well trained and experienced in this field would save you the trouble.  Knowing all the best suppliers around Singapore and having the knowledge of where to get the necessary resources, makes an event of your preference a possibility. These professionals can help accelerate the process and assist you to accomplish what goals are trying to achieve in an event. They can even enhance the experience in the venue from creatively designing it to setting up lights for good effect.

Manage your Cost

It is true that hiring a event management company for corporate entertainment does not come cheap.  However looking at their experience and abilities to plan and execute, it would save a lot of resources and time in your part. It is more likely that you spend less money hiring them than paying a hefty price just to set up everything on your own. For example, they are experienced in negotiating with suppliers to get the proper merchandise to set up an event.  

Keep Everything Organized

They most probably know what to expect in endeavors like this to be well executed. Another example is from the sheer number of expected guests, they know how to set a buffer to avoid shortages. It is a part of their ability to keep everything organized. They know the exact number of materials and resources to use whenever there would be more or less people to accommodate. They keep track of everything related in that certain event.     

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How Can You Choose The Ideal Events Management Company?

A well-organized corporate event would not only help your business to regain back its relevance and importance in the eyes of both existing & prospective customers, but would also help a budding business in developing interests about the products among consumers all over. If you are in search for a concern that would help you towards achieving your business goals, you will have to follow a few significant tips.

Choosing the right Singapore based event management company is definitely a daunting task and if you have no prior experience in this matter, getting someone ideal can become even more complicated. Here go a few tips that can be followed to hire a right company for you:

  • A concern who follows all the steps

Some of the most critical steps that work towards making an event successful include event production, creative conceptualization, selection of venue and definitely an error-free execution of all these steps. Therefore, you should aim at selecting a creative agency that covers all such considerations.

  • Someone who would assist you from start to end

It is recommended to select a corporate entertainment company that can aid you to initiate as well as conclude the event in an innovative and responsible way by incorporating its expertise. This will make the event memorable for all your visitors.

  • A company who can be relied upon

When you organize an event with the aid of a reliable event marketing company, you can rest assured that it is a good step towards achieving top notch event that appeals to all your consumers.

If you make use of these suggestions and your corporate event turns out to be a great success, then your business would get the exposure it requires and there would definitely be an increase in the overall image of the concern.

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Top Reasons Why You Need Professional Event Management Firm To Help You

Building up a positive image of the business is critical for any business. Positive image certainly helps your company to get more prospects and more customers. And in this way your company can sustain in the market for a long period of time. It goes without saying that if your business is gaining popularity, then new customers would be encouraged and interested in trying out your services. As your business advances, you will be instigated in arranging for more and more events so that you can be in touch with all your clients.

Improving event registration

With the help of an event company in Singapore, you would be able to get rid of the burden as well as the stress of setting up, putting together and managing all your registrations. You would be able to offer an easier online registration experience which in turn can encourage more people to refer your business and register for your upcoming event.

Engaging your attendees even before the event

It is immensely important for getting the right message to all your invitees in proper time. The event marketing company can make it easier for you to send emails to people as well as follow-up emails on the basis of the actions that your invitees have taken. For instance, you may also send messages regarding registration deadlines, and other important details.

Making check-ins hassle free

It goes without saying that the first impressions are always crucial and no one would enjoy waiting in the long queues. With a reputed creative agency, you will be able to speed up the check-in process as you will replace your printed registrant lists with a smart device. These smart devices able to check guests just with the swipe of a finger.

As you can see, it is always recommended to seek professional aid, so that you can pay attention to other important aspects that are important for the growth and development of your business.

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Understanding The Importance Of Successful Events Management

Proper event management is crucial to ensure the success of any event, it may be corporate or informal. The EMP is regarded as an important document establishing how all the disparate elements concerned with the event would work together in making the event safe and enjoyable for your guests. With the help of a professional event management company, it would be easier for you to plan and manage staff and execute everything according to the blueprint.

Advantages of seeking professional help

The event management company in Singapore can help in performing several significant functions. Their first and foremost task is to secure permission, so that the event can proceed without any interruptions. They are supposed to provide a road map of the whole event to all the relevant stakeholders and ensure that you incorporate all the concerned angles while planning. With a professional aid, you can make sure that nothing has been overlooked and all the demands are perfectly catered to. They can provide ample support during the event and act as a decision supporting tool at the time when the event is taking place.

Reasons behind having an event manager

Event management is important and those who don’t realize it would head for messing up everything. Planning for and handling an event can turn out be painstakingly difficult for you if you aim at doing everything from planning to promoting, from organizing to presenting all the elements. So having a reputed event management concern to help you organize everything right from the start is the best way to ensure that everything turns out spic and span. Creating an event for promoting a business goal among the common people is tested and trusted method of reaching out to target audience and therefore you cannot afford to take chances with it.

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Bring your event to the next level!

What everybody does?

Soft background music enough to mask the clatter of cutleries and the buzzing noise of conversations, boring speech after speech, dance show by amateurs, photos on slides, food, drinks and finally, door gifts. These are the details of a regular event or party. The only aspect the guests will remember of the party is the remains of the door gifts. If it is a corporate event, the audience will most probably zone out by the time the second speech is delivered, and bored with all the small talks that need to be done to fill the silence.

What do we do?

We provide professional live bands and music groups that perform all genres of music, musicians like singers, pianists, and harpists, professional emcees, static and intelligent lighting, aerial pole dancers, fire dance group, double trapeze, martial arts acrobats, and LED drummers, magicians, mentalists, marching bands, and comedy circus. As for corporate events such as product launch and road shows, we also have 3D logo projections and visual 3D performances. Besides these, we are well-equipped with talented and professional photographers and videographers who will capture the tiniest detail and document all the happenings in the event in the most creative way possible.

Who are our clients?

We are very experienced and we have worked with a lot of companies in Singapore. Among the events that we have managed are Volvo Owner’s Night at Alexandra Road, IBM Marketing Innovation Awards at Aura National Gallery, Siemens Product Launch Corporate Event at Chijmes, Swarovski Product Marketing Launch at Alkaff, Herbalife Asia Tour at Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Recreational Club Countdown Event at Ritz Carlton, Goodyear Auto Care at Grand Hyatt, Human Music Jukebox at Sing Tel ComCentre and Christmas Caroling at Capitol Theatre.

All these events were huge successes, reached the audience, and achieved the objectives. If you want your event to be successful, choose us, the leading entertainment company and event management company in Singapore!


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Event planning made easy with Ooffle!

Details of an event

Organising an event is never an easy affair. It requires quality substance, careful eye for details and a million arms and legs. There need to be a balance with two aspects which are achieving the objectives of the event and cater to the needs of the guests invited. While the former might sound of utmost importance and the latter not so, both are equally important. If the guests are bored or misinformed, the message cannot be passed across and hence, the objectives of the event cannot be reached. As such, the mission will fail miserably. We are here to prevent this mishap!

What do we do?

As the leading event management company in Singapore, we cater to all the needs of a good party. With all our resources, the party will be a big hit. Quality substance, meticulous planning, and a creative workforce are our strengths which will make your event flawless.

What do we have?

To make your party more interesting, we have live bands and music groups, solo singers and musicians, aerialists and acrobats as well as deejays. For live bands and music groups, we have gospel choirs and high end party bands to jazz ensembles and percussionists. Our world class musicians are sure to give the audience goosebumps. Not to mention, the array of musical genres that these musicians can play varies frompop, party, and soul to funk, Motown and chill-out.

What else do we do?

We also provide photography and videography services. All the happenings of your event will be perfectly captured and documented. We have a big number of experienced and talented photographers to make your event special. There are booth set-ups that can be done for the audience to snap and print photos immediately. These photo booths have been known to attract and entertain the audience immensely especially young kids and teenagers. Besides, we also provide 3D video projection mapping interactive dance/act. The combination of stunning high-tech visuals and synchorinised live performances are treats to the eyes.

For your event, be it a party or a corporate event, to be a mega hit, we thrive to outdo ourselves! Choose us, the leading entertainment company and event management company in Singapore!

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