Ooffle is a leading creative agency in Singapore specializing in events and campaign management. They provide assistance in your corporate or private events tailored to your needs. Ooffle blend both digital and event management campaigns to reach your brand's objective. Even if you need live entertainment or a wedding party, Ooffle are willing to lend a hand and make your event a jolly good time for you and your guests.

Products / Modern street dancers

Hip Hop Break Dancers

Hip hop flashmob break dancers are a group of Bboys who do flashmob but with a special twist. They somersault, spin, they flip, they break dance with their heads, hands and legs.  Highly entertaini... Read More→

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Hoverboard Dance Crew

Experience a dynamic dance like never before as they dance along with their new partner in crime, the hover board. Watch them swerve and dance from places as they follow the groove of the music. A ... Read More→

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IBM Business Partner Connect 2016 @ MBFC

IBM Business Partner Connect 2016 at MBS Finance Tower 2 Services provided: Modern / Street / Hip Hop Dance x 4 dancers with costume. "Great Show!" - Apple Choy, Event Manager  Posted on 10/06/2016... Read More→

IBM Marketing Innovation Awards @ Aura National Gallery

IBM Marketing Innovation Awards @ Aura National Gallery Services provided: Modern / Street / Hip Hop Dance x 2 dancers (Custom Choreography dance with Naomi) "Great Show!"- Apple Choy, Event Manage... Read More→

Kpop Sexy Dancer Choir Girls

Sexy and groovy korean kpop performers at your event.Watch how they perform to the popular kpop tunes! The Korean wave first started off from all the sappy and romantic Korean dramas in the early 2... Read More→

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MJ LED / Tron Dancers

One of the only spectacular LED Tron Dance Performances on the planet. Engineering and technology meets performance. Comes also with live spinning deejay and / or LED live drummer to add that wow... Read More→

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Modern / Street / Hip Hop Dance

Mysterious Masked B-boy Hip Hop Dancers

This international dance crew has developed a unique style that has been incredibly influential in the dance community. It has altered the way people view dance around the world Donned in expressi... Read More→

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Parkour Martial Artistes / Atheletes

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive... Read More→

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Retro Dance