Ooffle is a leading creative agency in Singapore specializing in events and campaign management. They provide assistance in your corporate or private events tailored to your needs. Ooffle blend both digital and event management campaigns to reach your brand's objective. Even if you need live entertainment or a wedding party, Ooffle are willing to lend a hand and make your event a jolly good time for you and your guests.


Led Robots / Stiltwalkers

10ft Tall Roving LED Robots. The best marketing gimmick to attract eyeballs of crowd. Add on a photographer and your audience will come gushing! Read More→

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LED Stilts Dance

If you have a thing for LEDs, tall people and dancers.Guess what? When you combine those 3 elements together what you get is LED Stilt Dance! Be blown away by the mesmerising lights and the amazing... Read More→

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Levitating Floating Statues

Levitation in the paranormal context is the rising of a human body into the air by mystical means. Some parapsychology and religious believers interpret alleged instances of levitation as the resul... Read More→

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SkyRunner / Jumping Power Stilt Walkers

Two-Legged, Four-Legged, and Acrobatic Power Skips with Costumes to suit your event theme. SkyRunner/Jumping Stilt (most popular)Stilt walkers Appearance, Stiltwalking AppearanceStiltwalker Costume... Read More→

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