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8th International Conference in Social Work in Health and Mental Health @ NUS Cultural Center

Shadowgraphy Opening Act for National Heart Centre 8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health at University Cultural Center

"Thank you and appreciated for our cooperation to work on the choreography, video editing, rehearsal and all in short time provided" - Ms. Geneviene Wong

Titled "Enhancing the Condition, Negotiating and Creating Change", the International Conference is supported by the virtual International Network of Social Work in Health and Mental Health whose mission is to promote the development of social work in health and mental health through international sharing of information and resources regarding education, research and practice of social work and mental health.

This round, the Conference was in Singapore.  The Conference will bring together social work practitioners and administrators from all over the world. It will provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge and interaction between educators, practitioners and researchers in health and community care sectors.

We were engaged to put up a moving story as the dancers move gracefully through shadows. The scenes show a few problems faced by the world as they portray it out of dance moves and how social workers help others in overcoming these problems.

  Services Provided:

  • Shadowgraphy Opening Act (4 dancers)
  • Artistic Co-concept & Storyboarding

 Posted on 19/06/2016


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