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Christmas Carol 2023 @ 313@somerset

313@somerset, a premier shopping destination, collaborated with Ooffle, the leading Events Management company, to bring the magic of the holiday season to life through an enchanting Christmas Caroling event.

Ooffle, renowned for its expertise in creating memorable experiences, orchestrated a festive celebration at 313@somerset with a live performance of Christmas Caroling. The event aimed to immerse shoppers in the joyous spirit of Christmas, offering a unique and engaging experience within the bustling shopping environment.

From talent curation to event execution, Ooffle seamlessly managed every aspect of the Christmas Caroling performance. The company handpicked talented performers, ensuring a captivating and high-quality presentation. Ooffle took charge of the entire process, from selecting the perfect songs to crafting a setlist that resonated with the festive atmosphere.

The live performance went beyond traditional caroling; Ooffle's talents actively interacted with the crowd, fostering a sense of community and encouraging shoppers to join in the festive sing-along. The result was an unforgettable and engaging experience that added a touch of magic to 313@somerset's holiday season.

Services offered:

  • Talent Management
  • Setlist Curation
  • AV System
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