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NETS Kickoff 2018 @ Fairmont Swiss Hotel

NETS, being the most frequently used payment method in Singapore, naturally became one of the largest company in Singapore. Ooffle was proud to be able to organise the whole event for NETS Kickoff 2018 @ Fairmont Swiss Hotel.

Ooffle provided conference management, talent management and content management to ensure that the event was filled with full of interactive performance and ensure that the event was executed efficiently. 

LED Screens of up to 50-60 feet were used during the events such as LED Wall for Q&A. Fog walls were used to project the company's insignia on to the Fog at the entrance. LED Interactive Guestbook projected on to the walls were available for guests as well.

Ooffle also organised the post-event party with a combination of DJs, dancers and Band 53A. Animation effects & lightings used for the conference were converted into post-party animations and concert visuals.

Services provided:

  • Conference Management
  • Talent Management
  • Joe Augustine 
  • Mr Brown Short Skit
  • Dancers
  • DJ
  • Singers
  • LED Projection
  • LED Walls
  • Fog walls
  • Animation effects & Lighting
  • Concert visuals
  • LED Interactive Guestbook
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