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Seletar Mall Christmas 2019 Activation @ Seletar Mall

Entitled "A Jolly Good Time at Seletar Mall", the crowd was back at the mall again to take in the festivities and enjoy the activities at the booths. 

It’s that jolly time of the year again, where the kids all dress up as Elsa and belt out Let It Go and an excuse for you to stop your diet and pig out on Christmas feasts. Sometimes, a jolly plump man dressed in red will appear in your dreams, reminding you of all the gifts you haven’t prepared.

As far as mall Christmas events go, you rarely see an entire arcade full of classic arcade games in the mall for shoppers.

The Seletar Mall’s Christmas event features a Christmas Arcade with five different highlighted games which take up the entire first-floor atrium of the mall. An Arcade, literally!

There’s a huge bouncy slide which will keep the kids occupied, as well as walking robots that you can ride on and chase each other.

If we’re talking about arcades, classic games such as the Bishy Bashy machine and the dance machine can’t be excluded from the mix either.

The centrepiece of the entire arcade is an interactive screen game with a 4-metre tall interactive screen where you’ll be able to play mini-games by throwing plastic balls at the targets to score.

Those above the age of 12 will get an added bonus to the game experience.

To get your adrenaline pumping, you can actually play the game while being suspended metres above the ground by a harness.

For Fun in the Air, children threw balls to hit targets on screen while being suspended in the air by a harness. For Bishy Bashy Madness and Dance to the Beat, these were arcade game stations that were very exciting and fun for the whole family. Meanwhile, there was also a queue for children to ride around in robots, this was really fun for them! In addition to this, there were several rounds of engaging workshops like Gift Wrapping and Game Character Beads Art. Wow!

Services offered:

  • Design & media production
  • Exhibition booth design & props fabrication
  • Brand activation & campaigns
  • Interactive LED Visual Wall with Customized Game
  • Aerial Harness on Goalpole Truss for Fun in the Air
  • Ball Pit for Throwing at the Interactive Game
  • Interactive Floor That Lights Up with Sound
  • Electronic Life Robot Rides
  • Interactive Projected Bouncy Castle Slide
  • Bishy Bashy Machine
  • Dance Kinect and Dance DDR Machine
  • Christmas Electronic Characters Workshop
  • Creative Gift Wrapping
  • LED Cubes and Table Furnitures
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