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Seletar Mall Dive Into The World Of Fantasy 2022

Seletar Mall engaged Ooffle to turn Dive Into The World Of Fantasy into a reality through mall décor through overhanging winches decoration after our initial concept and 3D mockups renders.

More about the event:

Zone 1:

Sir Little invites you to participate in Chicken Chase! Alongside his best friend Pinkie, round up the chickens and get them home before they run off! Use the interactive floor to chase the chickens back into the chicken pen alongside your newfound friends! As you chase the chickens, Sir Little and Pinkie will be by your side through the hologram fans! As the fans spin, Sir Little and Pinkie will move too! Watch as the fan blades spin, making the lit-up blades form an image of Sir Little and Pinkie! Effectively, the fan blade lights combine to form an image of them! Sir Little will be with you every step of the way, and his antics will surely brighten up your day! As team leader, he will make sure that everyone has fun at Chicken Chase!

Holographic fans produce an illusion of a 3D object through the fan blade motion. The fan blades themselves spin fast enough to be nearly invisible to the naked eye, allowing the projected 3D object to have a see-through backdrop. They operate through the use of RGB LED strips attached to the fan blades: as the fan turns, the observer is tricked into thinking that it is a full picture due to the speed of the blades turning in conjunction with the lights.

Zone 2:

Pinkie welcomes you to her photo booth! Take photos with Pinkie, and choose from one of 4 frames to beautify your picture with! It’s free, and you can send in your email to have the pictures directly delivered to you after! Also, don’t forget to head over to the side to challenge friends and family alike at the Silly World Series! Play head-to-head minigames on our phones with a friend or family member! Though shy, Pinkie is sure to be at your side through thick and thin as you take on the Silly World Series!

Zone 3:

Are you ready? Pobo has set up a whole new challenge, the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Step into Virtual Reality with our Oculus Quest headsets, and prepare to experience the immersion of Epic Roller Coasters! Now, you can get a feel of some of the greatest roller coasters ever created, without the hassle of travelling the world! Step right up, and prepare to be amazed! After you’re done experiencing the twists and turns of Epic Roller Coasters, Pobo has another Virtual Reality experience for you! Ready yourself, for ECHO is best described with 3 words: “Zero Gravity Frisbee”. It’s fun, and extremely interactive! Pobo may be clumsy at times, but he’s got good taste! Finally, have you ever wanted to drive an F1 car? I’m sure you have! Come on down to experience F1 at its finest with our F1 Racing Game, complete with a driver’s seat! Take on the Italia track, and realise your dreams!

Zone 4:

Delfy and Sir Little have something special planned! Step into our interactive aquarium alongside Sir Little, and take part in the festivities yourself! Swim among the fishes as you meet the friends that you’ve made so far! Remember to take pictures of this memorable occasion, and smile for the camera! Delfy loves to explore and learn, and he hopes that you will too at the Seletar Mall!

About Hologram:

Almost the screen is set as the front of stage, it is acted as the active scene in a new novel projection which is more transparent than the traditional sense of the curtain, and the image can be suspended in the air to produce hazy magical hologram visual effects.

Imagine a hologram that looks so real that 3D objects appear to float in mid-air or surround a performer on stage.

Holographic mesh can be used to create truly unparalleled effects that the average audience member has never before seen on-stage. The holograms created by the system look real and the way in which the shopper interacts with the holograms makes it appear as if a tangible connection is being made. This will add clear value to any production and can help to immerse audiences of all ages in the production.

When looking at a holographic display, the brain is instantly tricked by the illusion of having a physical object or real environment mixed with the three-dimensional digital overlay. The visual experience immediately evokes emotions and triggers the senses to fire up the activity in the cortex, essentially making the viewer process and retain the information that is communicated better.

Services offered:

  • Festive Decoration
  • Creative Concept and Activation
  • 3D Exhibition Props Design and Fabrication
  • Interactive game
  • Virtual Reality Games
  • F1 Arcade game
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