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SNEC Interactive Projection Wall Installation @ Singapore National Eye Centre

In conjunction with their 30th anniversary, the Singapore National Eye Centre at SGH wanted to put up a showcase of the milestones in their history. We advised and set up an interactive projection wall that allowed the viewer to literally walk through their 30 year journey as they walked from one end of the projection wall to another.

All the animation and content were conceived, curated and produced according to the requests and requirements of the SNEC corporate communications team and fully adhered to the branding guidelines. The textual content was provided by the inhouse team while we added spice and visuals that came along with the factual text.

When someone walks by or gesture within the sensor zone, it will trigger the playing of the year's milestones. As they move forward, the following years' milestones get triggered through the motion sensor and leaps out too. Each year was illustrated with an iconic animation to summarize the core focus of that year's achievements. 

This was indeed an innovation showcase for the National Eye Centre as it brought their innovation level up greatly. Patients who frequented the National Eye Centre were surprised and intrigued to see something light up according to their body movements and hand gestures. This exhibition design display also attracted much attention from patients who were resting at the waiting area.

Whenever dignities visit the clinic, this interactive projection wall will be part of the showcase walkthrough journey that the VIP will be treated to!

Services offered:

  • Interactive projection wall & blending
  • Sensor Installation
  • Content Curation 
  • Animation Effects Production
  • Design & media production

Videos and more photos coming soon

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