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Why Is Digital Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing?

  1. Your Target Audiences Are More Focused

In traditional marketing, you cannot predict whether your advertisements have reached the hands of those who are interested. In the end you might be wasting your resources and yet those flyers are not reaching the targeted customers. On the other hand, digital marketing allows those who are interested to keep track on your marketing activities.  Audiences can subscribe to the newsletter offered by sites that they are interested in or follow your Facebook page just to get more news from you. In a way, digital marketing helps you find those who welcome your advertisements.

  1. You Are Able To Track the Number Of Audiences Reached

How do you know whether your posts or adverts have been seen when you are using traditional marketing?  You can’t. That is why digital marketing is far better when you need to know the results of your marketing strategies. It can be done by just tracking the number of hits on the site or clicks on the links using Google Analytics. Compared to traditional marketing strategies, you can modify and improve your marketing strategies quicker based on the instant calculations and statistics recorded online. 

  1. You Get To Interact With Your Audiences

Traditional marketing is always passive, assuming that the audiences would take in 100% of what the advertiser is trying to get across. Digital marketing however is turning to their audiences for help on improvement when they get feedbacks and criticisms from their customers. Not only can the customers witness growth in the service and products, they will also enhance your publicity when they share about your business along with their comments. Do keep in mind that it can go both ways as bad publicity goes viral even faster online.

Ooffle is a Singapore based digital marketing agency that offers services on how to build up your digital marketing platform. Their range of expertise includes

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

By employing this strategy, your site to be at a higher rank on search engines such as Google and Bing when people type in keywords related to your business

  • Social media marketing

Helping you tap into a vibrant and active market where audiences frequently share information around their social circles

  • Mobile and Web Apps Development

The availability of an app increases the convenience of users in subscribing to your services

Find out more about digital marketing on www.ooffle.com today!



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