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Choosing the right live band for your wedding

When you are marrying the love of your life, you need to start planning everything ahead in order for your loved ones to be surprised. One of the most important things you must plan in order for your wedding to be filled with lovely atmosphere is the live band performing during your wedding dinner. Music is the greatest way to set a good atmosphere. Live musicians have their own unique way to make the crowd excited. There are many great wedding live bands in Singapore that play for wedding celebrations. However, here are some things to consider before hiring such services:

  1. Type of music

The first thing that has to come across your mind is what type of band or music will suit your special day. Music can change the atmosphere immediately, so you should decide what type of atmosphere you want for your wedding and what music can set that atmosphere. There are lots of live bands, the ones who play only instrumental, and the ones who play jazz, rock or classical. There are a lot of wedding live bands out there, so you should be able to find the band that suits your needs.

  1. Price

You might want the live band to play their music during the ceremony, during a reception or meal. All of these will reflect in the price. You might want to make sure if your chosen band can perform for all those situations or you can have a different entertainment at different times of the day. Good bands are also busy, so your first choice might not be available even though it is your big day. That is not the only thing you should be worrying about getting a good live band because quality music isn’t cheap. You can’t be expecting Ed Sheeran singing his new album on your wedding with just $500.

  1. Double check the band

After checking out your band on yahoo review or any other reliable sources, you should make sure you get to see them play live before you confirm your booking, so they don’t only sound good on social media but in real life too.

  1. Request a full set list

To ensure the band has a varied repertoire to please all your guests, you should request a full set list and see if the music will please everyone attending, if possible. But of course, it is your wedding, so pleasing yourself will be the most important factor of choosing the band. So choose one that you and your fiancée/fiancé like.

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