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Ideas to keep your wedding guests entertained

Planning to have your wedding dinner in a beautiful country such as Singapore would probably be very pleasing to you. Hiring an experienced wedding entertainment company will probably make you feel like the happiest couple alive. Well, we all know that this is your wedding but let’s not forget about the guests you have invited, both young and old. We know it’s your big day but still, let’s plan some activities so that they too can enjoy themselves throughout the wedding. Here are a few things you can do to keep them entertained throughout the night, from your reception all the way until the end of the celebration.

  1. Photo booth

Having a photo booth is probably one of the best ideas you can have for an event. It is simple yet very fun to use. You can set up a photo booth with a few masks, fake glasses, or even other decorations, so they can use their own creativity to take a creative photo on your wedding night.

  1. The DIY tea station

Having a tea station for everyone is amazing, but having a DIY tea station is even better and extraordinary. A DIY tea station is a very cute way to keep your guest busy and talk about during your reception. All you need to do is lay out a variety of tea leaves and choices of unique organized bags for them and then the rest is up to them to pick their favourite and create their very own unique blend of tea.

  1. Wedding live band

Hiring a live band that accepts song requests is a very good way to get your guests involve during the wedding. Have your band create a playlist that has both the good but old music and the trendy music just to keep both the young and old entertained between songs. Guests can request songs that they want just to sing along, dance or just for fun. This will keep things lively throughout the special occasion.

  1. Caricature drawing

A very common way to keep your guests entertained is by giving them a photo of themselves. But if you hire a caricaturist to draw them a ‘photo’ of themselves, it will be a completely different story. You should hire a professional speed caricaturist who can draw out a beautiful picture within a minimum amount of time. This will certainly give your guests something memorable to take home.


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