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3D Video Production & Projection Mapping Production

We were given the task of developing a series of animated immersive spatial visual animations 3D mapping videos so that the guests of the hotel would totally feel the different visual treats that we are curating and creating

The motive was to give the guests an atmosphere inside a sea full of aquatic animals and experience the surroundings. The Hotel was looking to add character to their property through making it feel more interactive using the projection. 

So what exactly is projection mapping? 

Projection mapping is a 3D video projection technique using light and colors to project virtual images on irregular shapes and non-flat surfaces like industrial sites, public buildings, city landmarks. Everything is a blank canvas. With projection mapping you can make anything completely change color, texture and shape.

On the streets or inside, for big or small projects, permanent setups or temporary events. Bring your story to life with projected images in the most dynamic way and create memorable experiences. 

Projection mapping is a visual feast, a new kind of fireworks, an extraordinary form of entertainment with an enormous wow factor. It gives you the unique opportunity to attract and immerse large crowds with captivating shows and inspiring spectacles - even from a distance (which is not unimportant in times of social distancing and gathering restrictions).

Graphics, videos, and 3D elements make an event spectacular. These elements combine and create a more immersive way to execute an event. That immersive way is called projection mapping. Thanks to its latest techniques, this technology has reimagined the way audiences interact with an event.

Traditional outdoor projection includes projecting images on any flat surface such as a building. However, projection mapping needs extensive pre-production processes. During these processes, buildings are scanned, content mapped out in pre-production, images then created to fit on the 3D model, and readied with militant accuracy to mapped to the real thing.

Whenever these images are projected on the object, they “wrap” over every inch of its physical features. And that’s when it appears that these images are not projected but painted on the structure. That’s how this technique creates immersive experiences.

Projection mapping makes ordinary objects such as sculptures, mannequins, skyscrapers, water fountains, stages, even people, into kinetic, glowing art. Leading Projection Mapping Companies are starting to make use of real time rendering to create dynamically generated visuals, made possible with the latest generation of Nvidia Raytracing cards, and the recent seismic leap in computational power available.

Advanced projection mapping techniques will mix in synchronized lighting effects, choreography, and character animation with music. Creating a link between the real world and the digital, art becomes magic and the brand story unfolds.

Overall, projection mapping can create a unique sense of wonder that’s got the ability to stop a crowd in its tracks. Taking content creativity beyond the conventional canvas of event execution is an art and skill. Today, digital displays and screens aren’t just at your fingertips, but they’re even getting integrated into your environment. The idea of “pixel is everywhere” changes the way you create and consume dynamic experiences showcased in events.

Projection mapping is creating a new breed of visual content that’s bolder and bigger than before. It’s this content that’s pushing content creators to imagine the unimaginable and go beyond traditional storytelling. Projection mapping creates enriched content that’s simply spell binding.

Projection-mapping often involves collaboration with artists to create visuals that let an event’s audiences experience something unique and inspiring. Layering totally new content over something people are familiar with can really evoke strong emotions.

Services offered:

  • Design & media production
  • Exhibition booth design & props fabrication
  • Stage Monogram Effect Design
  • 3D Landmark Projection Mapping Video with sound

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