Ooffle is a leading virtual events Singapore management company specializing in video live streaming and production. They provide assistance in your vritual corporate events tailored to your needs. Ooffle blend both digital campaigns and activation to reach your brand's objective. Even if you need live streaming or video production at a greenscreen studio, Ooffle will make your virtual events Singapore happen across Asia.

Virtual Fairs / Digital Activation / Virtual Exhibition Booths

Host Online Conferences, Virtual Career Fairs, Online Trade Shows & more. Connect audiences globally using chat tools, live webinars & digital content.

The world is facing uncertainty as global recession looms due to COVID-19. It is also uncertain as to how long this pandemic would painfully continue.

Digital conference is the way to move ahead as it saves costs, has minimal liability and keeps the attendees safe from COVID-19 infection. Save on in-person crowd pullers which are at times, ineffective. Digital memberships are easy to register and  comes with unique QR referral code. Social media and word of mouth are the best form of marketing.

Save on airplane tickets, hotel accommodation and other forms of in-person expenses. By moving the conference to a digital platform, there is also diversity in your panel of speakers, from any parts of the world. Save on costly fabricated booths, setups, space leasing and much more. Generation of rich digital content and hosting virtual events are valuable and cost saving alternatives to maintain and multiply lead generation.

Our virtual launchpad allows easy navigation within your online fair and ensure that visitors get a near-physical experience of visiting the fair through.


Self Digital Check In

On the day of event they will enter into the portal which will embed live video conferencing stream and other cool features. Depending on timeline, a mobile app can be developed for the conference.

Engage your visitors with feature-packed booths

You can host images, brochures, data sheets and play videos to bring your booth to life.

Customize the Virtual Booth templates

The booths do not need to be boring! We can customize the booths or you can choose from our suggested templates to decide on one that fits best for your event. We can even go for something totally custom-made!

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